Biden Makes It Clear He Supports America’s Enemies While Trying to Sound Patriotic


    The world is watching how Joe Biden fails in his duty as the American president. His weaknesses are flowing out, and those that know how to exploit those weaknesses will be able to profit from them for years to come. The Taliban already capitalized on his weaknesses and got a country out of it. And now Vladimir Putin is making his move with the hopes of revitalizing the old communist Russia.

    Mark Levin is a host for Fox News. He has some words of warning for Joe Biden and other leaders in Washington that if the old president does not support the Ukrainian people’s action, the world as it stands today will be gone tomorrow.

    Biden has to move from supporting with words and start doing it with action. Russia wants to destroy Ukraine to take over its rich mineral deposits. But there is far more at stake than what Biden thinks he knows. Russia’s action will speak loudly to the rest of the world that the time is now to strike at the heart of the United States. The president’s passive attitude will not work well in a world filled with hostiles.

    Fox News reported that Levin stated, ‘We keep hearing this word ‘escalation,’ the ‘Life, Liberty & Levin’ host told viewers in his opening monologue. ‘You know we don’t want to escalate things, war crimes are one thing, genocide is another, but we can escalate beyond that…Putin hears this.’”

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    Joe Biden once gave secret messages to those forming caravans and moving up to the southern border. He essentially told them that it was right to move on into America. And now here, the president is sending the same cryptic messages worldwide that now is the time to strike. Now is the time to take from America everything that makes the country remarkable.

    So, Putin hears the signals and starts his war. Levin also noted that “They all hear it. So they increase their threats and the nature of their threats because they hear us talking about, ‘well, we fear escalation.’ What he doesn’t hear us talking about is deterrence, peace through strength. What you’re hearing from this administration is passivity. Weakness. That is what Vladimir Putin is hearing. That is what [Chinese President] Xi is hearing and Tehran is hearing. That is what they are all hearing, why do you think they attacked in the first place?”

    Biden is an enemy plant. His foreign policies and ideas are significant flops. But Levin pointed out that Donald Trump was a man and a genius when dealing with other nations. He was able to keep every dictator under control by how he dealt with them.

    Putin waited until a weak president would takeover before he made his move. Putin at least respected Trump, and there was a silent knowledge that Trump was not afraid to go to war against Russia should they try to start one. But along comes Biden, and his weakness tells Putin to go ahead and invade because Biden is not going to do a thing about it.

    Donald Trump would have already given the Ukrainian people all the weapons and support they needed to push Russia out of their lands. He would never have bought into Putin’s threat of war should any nation intervene. But Biden cowers in fear when Putin talks about war. Putin is bluffing his way into power. The way he has conducted his war would never work on a global scale. And everyone but Biden knows that now is the time to act.

    The more Joe Biden refuses to escalate issues of abuse and injustice, the more the world’s evil dictators are going to make their moves and take what they want. And when they are done taking things from nations that surround them, they will turn their attention to the United States and then begin their ruthless exploits against Americans. And they will not stop until there is nothing left.

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