COVID’s Waning But Moderna Wants More Money


    COVID-19 is waning. Mask mandates have been lifted. People no longer feel as though they need to carry their proof of vaccination with them everywhere they go. Life is returning to normal.

    Oh, but wait. The pharmaceutical companies aren’t making billions at the moment because people aren’t lined up around the block to get a COVID-19 vaccination jabbed into their upper arm. The CEOs are crying into their gold-rimmed coffee cups because they can’t buy a new yacht.

    Booster shots are the answer, right? Even if Americans don’t need them, it would be great if they could be convinced that they need them. It could generate a few extra billion for Moderna over the span of the year. Then, the pharmaceutical execs can finally buy the latest and greatest yachts and mansions that are on their want lists.

    All we have to do is roll up a sleeve. We can do that, right?

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    There has to be a line that we draw in the sand to say that enough is enough.

    Scientists and medical researchers have already come forward to say that too many COVID vaccines will actually start to weaken our immune systems. No other vaccines require us to get this many boosters – especially not this close to one another.

    If we’ve got the COVID vaccine, we’re protected as much as we’re going to be protected.

    Yet, that hasn’t stopped Moderna from asking the FDA for emergency use authorization for a second booster shot. For anyone that’s counting, it would be shot number four.

    Either Moderna needs the money, or their vaccine is weaker than they want to admit. Either way, they’ll be hard-pressed to convince Americans that they actually need it. It’s been estimated that only 40% of those who were fully vaccinated received the first booster.

    There aren’t too many people walking around the country begging for an additional booster.

    As it stands, immunocompromised people have already been authorized to receive a second booster of an mRNA vaccine. Pfizer and BioNTech have gotten the approval to provide this second booster. Further, they have also asked the FDA for emergency use authorization for a second booster for adults who are 65 and older.

    Let’s be clear, here. The Omicron variant has basically passed through the country already. The people who have had COVID have the antibodies. Those that haven’t had COVID likely have been vaccinated. We have reached herd immunity. The pharmaceutical companies simply don’t want to admit that because it means their cash cow has no more milk to offer.

    We have been lucky enough that there hasn’t been another variant to follow in the footsteps of Omicron. Just as we had experienced Delta, Omicron was already in the distance. And although Omicron was highly contagious, many people had no symptoms. It meant that many had COVID without even knowing it.

    Moderna has already admitted that they are still working on clinical trials that focus on Omicron-specific boosters. But why? If that’s no longer a threat to us, why would we need such a booster? What kind of protection is it really going to offer?

    The FDA will convene an advisory committee next month where vaccine experts will decide how to approach COVID boosters moving forward. Will they be needed? When will they be needed? Which demographics will need them? These are all important questions that need to be figured out. Until the FDA can offer some insight, it doesn’t seem probable that anyone will be rolling up their sleeves for another shot unless it’s absolutely required.

    And, while the FDA is at it, they might want to take into consideration all of the real data that’s been released by the CDC lately. You know, like how they’ve updated reports to show that COVID wasn’t actually as deadly as they said it was.

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