Ukrainian People Getting the Goods They Need To Fight Back Victoriously


    The Russian military may think that they have the upper hand in Ukraine. They may think that they are stopping the flow of supplies from coming across the border. But what is happening in the remote parts of the country, deep within the farmland country, is a massive restocking effort that supplies the soldiers with what they need to keep fighting for their freedom.

    Ukrainian soldiers are so secretive about where these convoys are coming across that they will not allow pictures to be taken for fear that they will reveal their locations.

    The convoy that had sneaked across the border had, according to Stripes, “was carrying 45 vehicles — retrofitted Jeeps, ambulances, an armored bank truck, and an army field kitchen — as well as 24 tons of diesel. It had traveled overnight from Lithuania as part of a swelling supply network racing to catch up with the return of war to Europe. More than a dozen volunteer drivers, including one whose relief work, was normally limited to helping motorists stranded on the highway, had driven hood-to-taillight almost around-the-clock to rendezvous with Ukrainian fighters.”

    The people making the trips back and forth are primarily volunteers. They are not part of the military or any elite fighting force. They are just people seeking to help stop tyranny in any way.

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    Some of the materials coming in are to be used for warfare. They deliver helmets and medical supplies that are badly needed on the front.

    The embarrassing capture of Russian tanks by tractors has the world laughing in hysteria. Putin thought that he would be able to strangle the flow of supplies into Ukraine. But he seriously underestimated the outer regions and the civilians that would attack to defend their lands.

    Lt. Andrey Bystriyk is a Ukrainian soldier fighting for his freedom. He stated, “From the army, we get the gun, ammunition, and uniform. Civilians are providing the military with what they need beyond guns and ammo to fight. They need the basics of home to be brought to them on the battleground. But under the uniform, what we eat, what keeps us safe, how we move around and fight — that comes from the people, our people, and foreign people.”

    The nations bordering Ukraine are stepping up and giving basic supplies to the soldiers and people. They are doing more than Joe Biden could ever do for a people that have cried out for his help. Instead, he has sat at his desk and played president while thousands of people continue to perish on the other side of the world.

    Lithuania is one of those tiny nations that is helping in any way. Stripes noted that flags are being flown in every town in support of the Ukrainian people. And there is not a thing that Russia can do about it. The other Ukraine nations know that if that nation falls under Russian control, they are next in line.

    Biden and the Democrats want Putin to succeed in his war, and they will be as passive as they can to help Putin win. The amount of help that has rallied behind the media and newspapers’ reach of reporting is incredible. The liberal media would never report on the patriotism because they fear what would happen if that spirit were to infect Americans wanting to help and make a difference.

    Many of the transported supplies are being donated by companies and independent sources. These items should be provided by allied nations but are coming in from private sources. But this is how wars are won when the enemy is much larger than the victim.

    Vladimir Putin seriously misjudged his enemy, and now he will pay dearly for it. The world may have once looked to the United States to help, but it knew that with Joe Biden sitting in the office, no help would come. So they banded together to form a silent force of good to wage war against an evil dictator that wanted to murder innocent people.

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