Cold Blooded Killer Targeting Civilians in Ukraine


    Every aggressive nation has within its ranks those that are cold-blooded killers. The Nazis had their band of killers that secretly carried out aggressive and violent actions towards people of interest. And now it seems that Russia has those in critical positions known for their brutality and cruelty towards the human race.

    Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev is the killer running the siege against the city of Mariupol. He shut down the power and relentlessly bombed and killed innocent people. He has systematically deprived the city of food and water to starving the people. He has called on people to surrender, of which they have blatantly denied his demands.

    The brutal killer is also responsible for bombing the maternity hospital and killing pregnant women and children. He targeted a theater that was home to hundreds of kids. But now, the theater is a pile of rumble with death mixed in.

    Olexander Scherba was the ambassador to Austria. He has come out and called the brutal killer the “Butcher of Mariupol.” The general is caused so much death and destruction that he is now set to face war crimes if they can ever get their hands on him.

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    It is also known that Mizintsev helped bloody the streets of Aleppo by performing the same violent acts. The man loves to see the blood of his enemy run in the streets. He has no problem killing the children and destroying the lives of every innocent person that crosses his path.

    The Daily Mail reported that in the battle in Syria, “In total, the battle to retake the city lasted for more than four years – but the most intense period came in late 2016 when Russian and Syrian forces surrounded the eastern half of the city while 270,000 civilians were still inside and bombed it for months before rolling in troops and tanks to capture it.” One thousand six hundred forty innocent people would be bombed into eternity because of one man’s cruelty.

    The Russian army used all sorts of nasty bombs to kill the people. These bombs are banned from being used because of the nasty way they inflict pain and death. They were found to have targeted hospitals and other places where people were getting medical help. The Russians would reduce each building to a pile of debris.

    And these are the same tactics that are being used today against Ukraine. Any cease-fire that Russia agreed on gave them the time they needed to restock and advance their troops to continue the warfare. The victims of Russian brutality were led to think the battles were over, but they were dupped and would be bombed even harder than ever before.

    The cruel general is also known to open up safe routes out of harm’s way. But once the people started to leave, he would arrest them and kill many others. Everything he has done has been to exterminate his targets. He has no mercy and only wants more chances to kill people to quench his thirst for blood.

    This crazy general is just the type of person that Joe Biden loves to join forces. Biden supports communist China, and they are also guilty of killing entire groups of people for various reasons. He is reluctant to do anything about the people being targeted and murdered by these nasty regimes. The president may act like he is annoyed over how the Russian military targets innocent people, but he is okay with it.

    Peter Maurer is the Red Cross chief. He stated, “We think we are confronted with a very complex frontline at the present moment in Ukraine, which sees many people trapped and people caught in between frontlines. The issue is not the Ukrainian military but rather the Russian general that wants to lie to people so he can kill them in cold blood. It’s not possible to think about access or evacuation, either in Mariupol or another place, if we don’t have a solid and detailed agreement between the militaries on the ground.”

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