Biden Says He Didn’t ‘See Any’ of Jackson’s Confirmation, White House Claims He ‘Watched Portions’


    “I didn’t get a chance to see any of it, unfortunately,” Biden told reporters when asked if he had the chance to watch much of Judge Jackson’s confirmation hearings.

    Biden then went on to call Jackson “one of the most qualified nominees ever nominated for the Supreme Court.”

    Biden said:

    Look, this is one of the most qualified nominees ever nominated for the Supreme Court in every respect — in terms of her disposition, her intellectual capacity, her experience and background, and serving on two — three additional courts. A woman who is totally, thoroughly qualified — totally, thoroughly qualified, and will be a great addition to the Court, in my view.

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    However, Biden’s comments directly contradict what one of his White House staffers said last week. A staffer told reporters that Biden “watched portions” of Jackson’s confirmation hearings during a March 22 press conference.

    “The president watched portions of Judge Jackson’s hearing yesterday and today and is proud of the way that she is showcasing her extraordinary qualifications, her experience, and her evenhandedness,” the staffer said.

    “He was also moved by the grace and dignity she has shown, the deference to senators, and the level of detail she is offering, reinforcing the value of her experience, her intellect, and the strength of her character,” the staffer continued.

    Some Senate Judiciary Republicans blasted Jackson for giving child porn offenders lenient sentences that fall far below federal guidelines.

    During Monday’s press conference, Biden was also caught with detailed notecards that listed questions and answers Biden should parrot for Biden’s “Tough Putin Q&A.”

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