What GOP Voices Are Saying in Unison About Hunter’s Laptop: ‘We Told You So!’


    If you listen closely, you can hear a collective refrain coming from the GOP leadership in Washington…it’s an echo going across the nation of We told you so!

    Republicans are feeling very confirmed with the recent acknowledgment of emails from Hunter Bidens laptop by the countrys major news agencies. This is coming at the same time the FBI is looking into Hunter Bidens foreign business interactions.

    The spotlight on the presidents son is also due to a number of directives by the GOP that focus on that infamous laptop. And it looks like these revelations will come at an opportune time for Republicansjust months before the midterm elections. There is great hope that the GOP will win back both the House and the Senate and then they will have the power that comes from being chairs of the investigating committees as well as the power to give subpoenas. 

    Records of Bidens connection with a Chinese company were presented on the Senate floor by Republican Senators Ron Johnson from Wisconsin and Chuck Grassley from Iowa. This was a part of an ongoing investigation into the Biden family and their business actions internationally. 

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    The House Judiciary Committee officially asked the assistant director of the FBIs cyber division, Bryan Vorndran, for information about the laptop. He consistently said that he did not have any information. But Republican Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida held up the external hard drive from the laptop and asked to have the contents entered into the congressional record. Jerry Nadler, the Democratic committee chairman from New York objected to the request so that they could do some further investigation.But later in the hearing, Gaetz was ultimately successful at getting content from, files from, and copies from the Hunter Biden laptopinto the congressional record. 

    News about this laptop from the presidents son came into the spotlight in 2020 when Rudy Giuliani, who was serving as former President Trumps personal attorney, gave information about it to the New York Post. The story indicated that the laptop had come from a Delaware computer repair shop. There were obvious concerns at the time regarding the laptop’s authenticity and the possibility that it had been hacked. 

    But now, The New York Times and The Washington Post have authenticated some of the laptops contents and given substantial weight to its authenticity. The FBI is now in possession of the laptop and they are using the contents to see if Hunter Biden violated tax, foreign lobbying, and money laundering laws in any business interactions in foreign countries. 

    This investigation has caused a ripple that has led congress to also look at social media companies and Big Tech. The House Judiciary Committee started an investigation last week to see if Facebook and Twitter suppressed a New York Post article about the laptop in 2020. A letter from the committee indicated that information from Facebook and Twitter showed they may have knowingly and deliberately used its platform to control election-related information accessible to the American people shortly before the 2020 election and that Twitter did so to the primary benefit of then-Vice President Biden.

    House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, a Republican from California, wrote, Election integrity is threatened when Big Tech censors real stories that make their preferred candidate look bad.

    Jim Jordan a Republican ranking member of the Judiciary Committee told the media that he will keep an eye on what the Justice Department does with the investigation into Hunter Biden. He also said that his colleagues in the GOP will do more if they win the House majority in November. 

    With what is happening now, along with what may be able to happen in November, the refrain of We told you somay just get louder and louder from the GOP.

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