NY Mayor Pleading With People to Come Back to New York City so He Can Torture Them With More Liberal Regulations


    Never before has a Democrat pleaded with people to return to a city so the government can inflict more pain on the people. But that is precisely what the new Mayor, Eric Adams, is demanding from all people who have moved away from the Big Apple. He is begging for them to move back so he can have more people to abuse and order around like his subjects.

    That part that Adams fails to understand is that there are many reasons why so many people left the city and moved to areas of the country where they can live their lives without a Democrat digging in their back pocket. The city is plagued with high crime, insane taxes, and Democrats constantly getting people’s faces about things. People have had enough of the torture and nastiness of the liberals running the city into the ground.

    Adams is the finest example of the cluelessness found within the Democratic Party. Nancy Pelosi is clueless about why so many within her party are retiring this year. Joe Biden is clueless about what is happening in America. And now Adams is clueless as to why so many people left the city for greener pastures.

    One of the ways that Adams is trying to bring people back to the heartless city is by advertising in the state of Florida. Many of the people that fled from the murderous regime running the state and city moved to Florida. These people got a taste of freedom and are now living where the weather is warm year-round. And Adams thinks that they will listen to him and move back to a place where the ice is the warmest part of the environment.

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    The ironic part is that the people living in the city have no clue that he uses taxpayer money to advertise his pleas in Florida. No person in their right mind will move from a warm tropical paradise where people are free to engage in life to a place where cold weather is the warmest part of the experience. They are not going to move back to a place that abuses the freedoms of Americans.

    Governor Ron DeSantis has made Florida a place where the people have lower taxes, great weather, low crime, and where the government serves the people instead of serving themselves. People are showing by their actions that they are sick and tired of being mistreated by the Democrats.

    The effects of the red wave are flooding society. People are making life changes to keep away from the nastiness of the liberals. And they are waiting to cast their votes for Republicans that will fix the messes that the Democrats have made in America. No one wants to live in socialism, and there is not a person alive that wants Joe Biden to tell them what to do with their lives.

    Jim Thompson from RedState wrote that people are even being arrested in New York for misspeaking words. He wrote, “Now the City of New York has produced a digital ad campaign to entice Floridians to move to New York City. The digital poster that repeats the word “Gay” is the message. The idea that anyone living in Florida would move to the most expensive city in the US so they can say “gay” is absurd — but that, apparently, is the message of New York City.”

    New York City is another lousy place because the liberals have turned the city upside down with socialism and crime. They left the felons to have fun in the streets by removing the presence of the police. And they have made people pay for the socialist programs that hand out free money and items to people that are too lazy to work for them.

    Adams is the lousiest liberal ever to hold the office of mayor. He may not have murdered innocent people like Andrew Cuomo, but when he crops in his picture of him riding a subway to try and make people think that safety is his highest concern, his insanity reaches new heights. He will only see more of his population moving out of state because they are tired of the Democrats’ abuse of the people they are supposed to serve.

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