Dr. Doom Talks Booster Shots Causing Americans to Throw Arms Up in Disgust


    The Biden administration has made epic mistakes when it comes to how they’re handling the pandemic. First, they allow Dr. Fauci to spout his lies and his scare tactics to anyone who will listen. Then, they pause the Johnson & Johnson vaccine just long enough for Americans to question whether it is worth it or not.

    Now, those who wanted the vaccine have been vaccinated. And Biden and the rest of his administration are trying to convince others to go get poked.

    But, why?

    The CDC has released recommendations that people can go unmasked if they have been vaccinated. And while that’s a step in the right direction, there are still too many cities and states choosing to keep people masked.

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    Why is it that the administration struggles with providing a singular message with some positivity linked to it?

    It’s all doom and gloom…which is why they can’t seem to get anyone else vaccinated.

    They could ditch Dr. Fauci. Yet, instead, they’re letting him talk about yet another thing that will send Americans screaming for the hills.

    Prepare for a booster shot!

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    It wasn’t enough that people had to get over their fear of needles. It wasn’t enough that people had to wonder what kinds of side effects would come with the vaccine.

    Now, Dr. Fauci is telling Americans to prepare for a booster.

    After people have gotten their initial shot, Dr. Doom has managed to provide this tidbit of excitement: “I think we will almost certainly require a booster sometime within a year or so.”

    He claims that there will need to be some durable protection. As for when these boosters will be ready, he can’t say. As for how frequently we’ll need the boosters, he’s not sure.

    This is typical. The Biden administration allows Dr. Fauci to spread this level of cheer and, then, they’ll wonder why vaccinations have come to a halt.

    People want definitive answers instead of scare tactics.

    Will the vaccines protect us or not? At this point, we can’t even get a guarantee that vaccines will protect against COVID or know how long the protection will last.

    As for the CDC’s recommendation of taking masks off and returning to everyday life, the federal government is quick to remind people that this is only for those who have gotten two shots of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. They’re not even talking about Johnson & Johnson anymore – and that leaves tens of thousands of Americans wondering if they’re even protected at all…

    It’s all too confusing. And the Biden administration can’t understand why people aren’t getting vaccinated? At this point, less than half of the country that is eligible to be vaccinated has chosen to do so.

    Well, the CDC recommendations are positive, right?

    Dr. Fauci says no. “I think people are misinterpreting, thinking that this is a removal of a mask mandate for everyone. It’s not.”

    There are problems. He says that those who are vaccinated should feel safe, whether they’re indoors or out. Okay…but for how long now that he’s dropped this booster bomb on us? And…if we’re supposed to be safe, why are so many liberal cities still not lifting the local mask mandates?

    Dr. Fauci has failed us all. He told us we didn’t need masks. Then, he told us not only do we need masks but we might need two or three.

    Now, he’s telling us we don’t need masks as long as we’re vaccinated, but he’s also telling us we won’t be safe for long because we’ll need boosters.

    It’s no wonder why so many people are just saying that it’s easier not to be vaccinated. If people have to wear the masks anyway or get a second (or third or fourth) poke to stay protected, is it worth it? The Biden administration can’t even answer that – and until they can, many Americans will continue to forego the COVID vaccines.

    And as for anyone wanting to know what they should do, just wait. Dr. Fauci will likely have new directives by next week that will completely contradict everything he said this week.

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