$6 Million Mansion for BLM Activist? But It’s for JOY!


    Black Lives Matter has been around long before the death of George Floyd. In fact, it has been around since 2013 when three radical Black women decided that it was time to create a movement so that Black voices could be heard. Patrice Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi chose to create a political and central movement.

    It was only in 2020 that the movement really started to catch on. Once the death of George Floyd was heavily publicized, BLM was getting money thrown at them in every direction. Suddenly, they were getting millions of dollars of donations every month. They didn’t know what to do with the money, and they certainly didn’t know how to handle the accounting.

    The money came in faster than they knew how to spend it.

    And some of the money didn’t go to their cause at all. In fact, the organizers decided that they would build themselves a $6 million mansion.

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    At no point should any nonprofit be building a home for themselves with the donation money – especially not one this luxurious.

    Oh, but the organizers are fully prepared to justify the spending.

    Keep in mind that these are radicals – and they like to take a radical approach to everyone.

    So, when confronted with their 6500 square-foot mansion in California that cost $6 million, they explained the misuse of donation funds by saying “Joy is a radical act. As a practice and as an experience, joy is something that can heal and sustain us when times are tough. But joy also provides opportunities to explore the possibilities beyond the limits of our daily lives.”

    Do you need a minute to stop laughing?

    I’m sure all of us would be feeling a bit more joyful if we had a $6 million mansion to lounge around in so that we could overcome the “challenges of the modern world.” However, that’s not the way that it works. The donations were there to bring about radical change – and they have yet to fully explain how all of the donation money was used.

    It’s not as if they are inviting people of color to live in the mansion with them. With all of the Black homeless in California, it would be easier to justify the purchase of the mansion if they were filling the rooms with people to get them off of the streets.

    The organization has claimed, “Creating opportunities for joyful expression is increasingly necessary but often few and far between. The Black Lives Matter Global Network seeks to change that with a new creative fellowship program.”

    Do you see what they did there? They have carefully worded their mission so that whatever they buy in the future that could be deemed a misuse of donations is now considered okay. As long as it brings them joy, it’s acceptable.

    It’s only a matter of time before they stumble on a few Ferraris and Lamborghinis to drive around California. If it brings them joy, who are we to argue?

    Ahh, but that’s the thing. A lot of people handed over a lot of money. And they want to see real change – not joy being given to a select few.

    The IRS has already gotten involved in the accounting of several BLM chapters because they have failed to file the necessary nonprofit paperwork. This means that Black Lives Matter may end up getting shut down because they don’t know how to manage the accounting side of joyful expression.

    Of course, it’s certainly not like the government will ever fully shut BLM down. To do so would be racist. And we know that the Biden administration seems to be terrified of upsetting the radical left.

    All the BLM organizers would have to say is that filing IRS reports doesn’t give them joy and *poof* they will be exempt from filing.

    Cullors has already said that the fact that right-wing media is trying to create hysteria regarding BLM spending is “frankly, racist and sexist.” And there you have it, folks.

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