GOP Rep. Biggs: Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Seems Like a ‘Cover-Up’


    During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) argued that the scandal surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop looked like a “cover-up.”

    Biggs emphasized that Hunter Biden’s finances seem to “perfectly” tie his father, President Joe Biden, to Iraq and China, dating back to his time as vice president. He said it was important to investigate whether or not “the Biden drifting family” was “compromised” and who all acted to suppress the scandal.

    “[Y]ou need to remember, of course, and I think everybody does, that 51 former intelligence community folks said, ‘No, there’s nothing here. This is Russian disinformation.’ And that was to suppress this for the election in 2020,” Biggs outlined. “But the reality is, Jason, this goes back to when Joe Biden was the vice president, it goes back to a billion-dollar contract to his brother Jim, it goes back to other contracts given to Hunter Biden in Iraq, it goes … all the way to China and the Chinese energy company over there that gave them millions of dollars. And you see, all of those seem to be perfectly tied with access to Joe Biden. So, if they’re not going to give us information, it does continue to look like the cover-up that we suspect it to be.”

    He continued, “All of these seem to indicate that this doesn’t stop with Hunter Biden or Jim Biden or other members of the Biden grifting family. What it does is it all comes into access to Joe Biden. And that is why Congress needs to know, is this president … compromised? Is his family compromised? Are those around him compromised? And actually, quite frankly, is DOJ suppressing this, and if they are, are they compromised?”

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