Title 42 Continues to Give Joe Biden Nightmares as More Politicians Refuse to Back Its Removal


    Joe Biden is a man with many things to worry about. He needs to be sympathetic yet detached from the vulnerable around the world. He has to worry about putting on a good show for his fellow Democrats, so they can get voters to give them support. But the things that cause him nightmares are the items left behind by the great Donald Trump.

    The former president had the country on the perfect path for the future. The border was secure, and the economy was roaring forward. But along comes Joe Biden, who was determined to destroy it all.

    The first thing Biden did was try and remove all of Trump’s hard work on his first day in office. He signed an executive order that removed the significant policies that made America stand out from the rest of the world. But his efforts would fall short because there were a few things that he could not get his hands such as Title 42.

    The pandemic forced Donald Trump to close the borders and turn away any person seeking entrance into the country. The 1944 law is designed to stop the spread of dangerous health issues. But Biden hates the law because it keeps him from having an open border to the south. It empowers law enforcement and gives them a reason to turn illegals away. But that is something Biden cannot tolerate because he wants illegals flooding the country.

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    The president is expected to remove Title 42, which will allow the illegals to press the border even harder than they are currently doing. Border agents will no longer be able to force people to turn around. Biden wants to see the border overrun with illegals because he secretly wants to see the immigration system collapse under the weight of people seeking asylum.

    Republicans are against the removal of Title 42 because of the threat of a surge of illegals. Several key Democrats have also joined their ranks, expressing their concerns. The problem lawmakers face is not Title 42 but a president that refuses to listen to their advice and concerns. Most of the Senate is voicing their disapproval of Title 42’s removal, but the president is stubbornly ignoring them.

    Vedant Patel is a spokesman for the White House. He stated that “When Title 42 is no longer in place, migrants who attempt to enter the country unlawfully will be placed in immigration proceedings. Asylum and other legal migration pathways should remain available to those seeking protection but those who don’t qualify will be promptly removed to their countries of origin.”

    Patel lied in his statement regarding the removal of people that do not qualify since Biden and his administration refuse to let the illegals be deported. Instead of deporting people, Biden puts them on buses and drops them off in the middle of the night at strategic locations.

    The flip side of the issue is the duplicity being played out by Biden and his supporters. Biden continues to act like a pandemic is sweeping the world and insists on mandates being overserved. But at the same time, he wants to allow for the removal of a law used to protect the public from a health crisis.

    The Democrats that hate the idea of Title 42’s removal have told the president that he needs to wait until he has a plan in place to deal with the current level of illegals and the surge that will follow the removal of the law.

    The southern border continues to be a point of contention for the president. But he refuses to do anything about it. The man cannot swallow his pride long enough to admit that he should have left Trump’s policies in place.

    The southern border is bound to be a central sticking point for the Republicans. They will rub the matter in the faces of the Democrats until every last vote is counted. The outcome will be an election that replaces blue delegates with conservative people willing to serve the people instead of pursuing selfish gain.

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