Ex-Boston Police Union Head Pleads Guilty to Raping Children for Years


    The amount of abuse and harm that liberals perform towards people is beyond belief. And when it involves children, the acts of violence take on an entirely new form of abuse. Patrick Rose was the head of Boston’s police union. Over 30 years, the man raped several kids and committed unspeakable acts of sexual violence.

    The Boston Police Union has strong ties to the Democratic Party. Several key Democrats have received campaign donations from various unions in the past. And there is no doubt that the Democrats look for ways to get away with corruption and fraud.

    But in the case of Patrick Rose, his actions speak on their own. The sick man had tried to plead not guilty to the charges of rape and sexual assault he was facing.

    But once he appeared in court, he changed his tune and pleaded guilty to 21 different counts of raping a child and sexual assault charges. He now will spend over a decade of his life in prison and another decade on probation.

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    The nastiness of Rose’s actions defiles the job that he had. As a former police officer, he was to serve and protect people. But as one of his victims would say, “Your reputation? Gone. All you will ever be remembered as is another creep who has nothing going for him. Your job as a cop protecting people? Well that’s really quite ironic, isn’t it?”

    The man’s actions cannot define the entire police force. But they do represent a distinct character trait found within the Democratic Party. At first, Rose tried to deny the charges as he maintained his innocence. Democrats tend to declare their innocence until there is no doubt that they are guilty.

    It was not until the man stood before the judge and faced the evidence that he would admit his crime. Democrats often wait until there is no mistake that they are guilty before admitting their crime. And then, there are times when they will continue to deny charges well after the punishment has passed.

    The typical Democrats and liberals will think they can do whatever they want if they do not get caught. And should they be discovered, they will try to deny and fight the accusations against them.

    Patrick Rose tried to maintain his innocence. But once his victims told their stories, he would admit his guilt. A young girl was assaulted sexually for over five years in one case. Rose forced her to perform sexual acts until she was a teenager. His victim would then come forward and charge the predator with raping her.

    Audrey Mark is the Assistant Suffolk District Attorney. He stated that “He had these children’s trust from the beginning. He didn’t need to gain it. By virtue of his position, he had their trust. And he violated their trust over and over. He violated their bodies. And these children, and these adult survivors, will live with that trauma for the rest of their lives.”

    Liberals cannot use rose’s actions to brand all police officers as criminals. The man’s actions are his own and cannot be used to push the idea of defunding the police. But Rose’s actions hurt the image that officers have in communities around the country. The victims will have to live with the trauma for the rest of their lives. And they will never view police officers as trustworthy again.

    The Democrats are a group of nasty people that seek to make their lives better at any cost. For people such as Patrick Rose, who feel the need to prey on others, he will only have a life of crime and abuse to show for his legacy. The victims will have to live with the trauma and, hopefully, find closure someday.

    Liberals today want a country that tolerates violence. They push to defund the police. And they left criminals run free in the streets. All because they do not like how the country is set up and protects the rights and freedoms of law-abiding citizens.

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