Liberals Think Abuse of Freedom and Power a Joke as They Make Statements on Tracking People


    The liberal left has demonstrated that they want to control people. They want to be able to see what people are doing and dictate how they should do it. Joe Biden wanted the IRS to have the right to look into bank accounts so he could see how people were spending their money. Several Democrats have even flaunted the idea of keeping an eye on Republicans and conservatives because they believe they are a danger to the liberal establishment.

    Bill Gates is no exception to the rule. In an attempt to lighten up the atmosphere at a speaking engagement, he joked about using the COVID-19 vaccine to inject people with tracking devices. The Democrats would love nothing more than to implant people with microchips so they can track and control their movements. Such technology could even lead to exterminating people that spoke out against liberalism.

    Bill Gates has moved from technology development to speaking out in favor of improving healthcare for people worldwide. He takes credit for warning about pandemics and how measures need to be in place before one shows up. He even takes his money and uses it to advance methodologies for such actions. But for him to joke about tracking people causes many to wonder what he is doing promoting healthcare.

    Tracking devices in vaccinations have been thought of long before Gates joked about it. But the thought can quickly become a reality if the Democrats were to destroy the foundation of freedom upon which America is founded. The hypothetical jokes are but a step away from reality. A hostile dictatorship would not need congressional approval to inject people with tracking devices. It would simply do it and not say a word about the dastardly deed. Sexual predators are monitored with ankle transmitters to ensure they do not violate restrictions placed on them. And the same would be true if Democrats rule a socialist country.

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    Newsweek reported that the concept and belief of tracking devices is “so widespread that according to one YouGov survey in May 2020 almost 45 percent of people polled in the U.S. who identified as Republicans said they believed that ‘Bill Gates wants to use a mass vaccination campaign against COVID-19 to implant microchips in people that would be used to track people with a digital ID.’”

    Newsweek branded Republicans as the ones promoting the idea because it is their liberal way of branding conservatives as enemies of the state. Even within the conspiracy theory reporting, the mass liberal media brand Republicans as thugs worthy of being monitored.

    Bill Gates does deny that tracking device theory. But any person would deny its existence or plan to use vaccines in such a way as to implant things in people because it is illegal under current law. Any person engaging in such activities would immediately be arrested and thrown into prison.

    In response to the critics of his work, Gates stated that “Well, it’s kind of weird. Now, our foundation, the Gates Foundation, is very involved in vaccines, the invention of new vaccines, funding vaccines, and we’re very proud that through joint efforts like GAVI, that’s saved tens of millions of lives. So it’s somewhat ironic to have somebody turn around and say no, we’re using vaccines to kill people or to make money or, you know, we started the pandemic… even some strange things like that I somehow want to track the location of individuals because I’m so deeply desirous to know where everybody is. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with that information.”

    Gates’s tracking joke is the first-time liberals have tried to push the notion of destroying Republicans. The entertainment industry has tried to air a show that allowed liberals to hunt down conservatives because they stood against the establishment. Liberals argue that it is just a show, but the concept behind such a series is disturbing and offensive to everyone that would be the hunted in real life.

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