Mexican Mob Bosses Among 31 Charged with Murder Feds Say


    Gavin Newsom has turned California into a criminal’s paradise where illegals can come and enjoy the sunshine while selling drugs and knocking off their competition. The pandemic gave Newsom the excuse to let prisoners out of jail. And with the assistance of Joe Biden, the drug lords have easy access to their supply chain of drugs to the south.

    Law enforcement officers have it rough trying to deal with Newsom’s betrayals. Many of the criminals that had been deported in the past walk back across and resume business as usual.

    The latest bust against Biden’s and Newsom’s favorite criminal empire took out 31 members of the Mexican Mafia. Federal agents have found the mafia had murdered people, passed around their drugs, and were involved in many other crimes. Orange County, California, streets are safer now that these killers are in federal custody.

    The Democrats refuse to admit a problem with crime in areas controlled by liberal administrations. The defunding of the police idea led to rapid and extreme crime waves. And it was not until they boosted the police budget that the crime rate dropped back to normal levels.

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    The document related to the case revealed that three leaders would stand trial for murder, attempted murder, extortion, transporting drugs, etc. Of all the people charged, only one of the people still has to be found.

    The Mexican Mafia, known as ‘La Eme,’ is made up of the leaders of different street gangs and is primarily run inside California prisons and jails. Fox NewsNews reported that “The Justice Department said members of the group conspired to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) Act, committing violent crimes to aid racketeering, conspiring to traffic drugs, dealing methamphetamine and heroin, and firearms charges. Leaders direct associates to collect ‘taxes’ on drug proceeds and order hits on enemies or people who violate their rules.”

    The Mexican Mafia runs the criminal empire like a business. Drug pushers had to give the establishment a set amount of the drug money to keep selling drugs. Failure to pay the drug lords enough money would be certain death. Anyone who stepped out of line would be severely punished if not put to death.

    The greed of the Mexican Mafia is very similar to the greed found within the Democratic Party. They are always concerned with how much money they get to spend each year. And they never think about where the money comes from. The budget bills Biden signed into law were expensive, and the Democrats never did explain where the money was to come from. They saw how much their department was to receive and voted to pass the bills.

    The court document noted that “All drug dealers who operated in an area controlled by the OC Mexican Mafia were required to pay a percentage of their profits from the sale of drugs to the enterprise. If the drug dealer did not pay, he would not be allowed to sell drugs in that area, under threat of assault and even death.”

    The drug lords are the ones that determine if a person gets to live or not. Most of the time, it would depend on how they feel at the moment and what the person’s past offense had been.

    The Democrat’s way of ruling is not too far off from the Mexican Mafia. They would love to determine what happens to the people that stand in their way or mess up. Biden’s socialist utopia would allow him to control people through handouts and loyalty rewards. Only the favored few would have access to the best that socialism offers. Everyone else would be treated exactly how the communist Chinese treat their people. They rule them with a rod of iron and put any person who would dare rebel against the establishment to death.

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