Bumbling Biden Tries To Rally the Workers at Lockheed Martin With Overblown Promises


    Having a sitting President visit a private company is never a small order. For Lockheed Martin though, it’s business as usual. The military-industrial system is always flooded with top brass, distinguished guests, and other high-profile visitors. However, when President Biden visited on May 3rd his public statements just did not add up and may have given the factory workers false hope as well as a sense of doing the wrong thing. 

    “I’m once more urging Congress to quickly pass the supplemental funding bill for over $300 billion to help the Ukrainians so they can keep — they can keep all of the very, very — all of you very, very busy for a while here… Before Russia attacked, we made sure Russia had Javelins and other weapons to strengthen their defenses, so Ukraine was ready for whatever happened.” 

    First off, the number is not $300 billion, but $30 billion. While neither number is a low figure to pledge to Ukraine for a country already battling massive inflation, multiplying it by 10 only makes the situation far uglier than it already is. Given the costs of weapons systems manufacturing, this kind of cash influx will not only keep the workers of Lockheed well employed for years to come, but it will also mean newer weapons systems can be developed faster. Given the recent activity of North Korea and the alliance between Russia and China, this isn’t a bad thing. 

    Secondly, we have not supplied Russia with the Javelin system. This mixed message of giving it to Russia and then telling people we made sure Ukraine was ready is just a terrible one to send to the world as well as to the American taxpayer. It sounds like Lockheed Martin and the President were involved in a plot from a horrible direct to DVD sequel to the movie Lord of War. Mistakenly telling people our country is playing both sides of the fence is horrific. Given the connections to Ukraine the President and his horrific son already have, and the past connections to Russia his party mates like Hillary Clinton have, it’s just not a good look.

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    He went on to tout the power and the number of Javelins being supplied to Ukraine and how much they loved them. After confirming the US handed over “more than 5,500” javelins, he went on to mistake his countries yet again. “Just a few days ago, the Wall Street Journal quoted a young Hungarian fighter saying, and I quote, ‘Without the Javelins, it would have been very hard to stop the enemy pushing ahead.’ End of quote.” Again, he failed to correct himself for this mistake yet again.

    Biden is now the king of not knowing his countries, and not knowing what he is trying to say. These signs of rapid mental decline are not something the sitting President of the US should be showing. The American people need to know that their President is well not just physically, but mentally as well. Biden has shown weakness in both areas, and he is not instilling the confidence with these kinds of speeches. Even if the thinks he is.

    These factory workers don’t care about kids being names Javelin or Javelina in honor of these anti-tank weapons. While it is a cute little story, nobody is under the illusion that these are weapons of peace and love. Nobody expects them to bring the conflict in Ukraine to a peaceful and happy ending. They know the death and destruction they bring, and they are comfortable with that, as they should be. All these workers want is better pay, better working conditions, and to know that they are making a difference in the world. They stand as a beacon for the saying ‘If you want peace, prepare for war’. He should treat them with the respect that this kind of position demands.

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