Illegals Are Provided Baby Food Ahead of American Citizens


    The nasty reality that Joe Biden has created for America is an immense shortage of consumable goods and inflated prices. His reluctance to stand up for America has made it impossible for mothers to feed their children due to a shortage of baby food products. The vast empty spaces are causing people to get creative with feeding their children.

    The shortage of baby food is a significant concern, and one would think Joe Biden would be compelled to deal with the issue. But his reluctance to protect America has led to many people doubting that he cares.

    The shortage of baby formula is a significant concern. And what is most concerning is that Biden has been caught shipping baby formula to the border to feed the children of illegals sitting in detention centers.

    Biden’s act of betrayal was caught on camera and recorded for people to see the truth. Republican Kat Cammack found out and stated, “They are sending pallets, pallets of baby formula to the border. Meanwhile, in our own district at home, we cannot find baby formula.” The problem of empty shelves is not just a few stores. The problem is nationwide. People have traveled from city to city looking for baby food, and it is just not available because Biden has sent it to the southern border.

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    Cammack noted that she had been given pictures from border agents that proved all the formulas were being sent to the south. Cammack noted that “They’re receiving pallets and more pallets of baby formula at the border. This was taken at Ursula processing facility [in McAllen, Texas] where thousands are being housed and processed and then released.”

    The border agents are just as surprised. The agent who sent Cammack the pictures told the lawmaker that he had never seen anything like what he saw in his 30 years of serving as a border agent. The man stands just a few feet from the formula, and his kids cannot access it.

    The baby food industry has been under fire ever since Joe Biden took office. The president has created a supply chain backlog, leading to high prices and a massive shortage in stores. And nowhere the old man is caught shipping baby food to the border instead of releasing it to starving American children.

    The inflation issues and lack of products are a significant headache for Biden. But instead of working at fixing the problem so everyone can eat, he is content to sit back and watch people struggle and starve. The concept of America first should be on Biden’s mind since he is the acting president. But he refuses to do his job and protect America from the troubles mounting at the border.

    Parents have to choose the formula. They can drive around searching for the food and never find water in the bottles. Watering down a bottle is essentially starving a baby since the baby cannot get the nutrients they need to grow.

    The only thing Biden has to do is fix the supply chain issue and empower formula manufacturers to produce more products. That would enable the old man to restock the shelves in America and provide baby food for the children at the border. But Biden cannot get off his socialist kick long enough to provide for the people he supposedly represents.

    Biden thinks that his actions are what Americans want him to be doing. But his actions are pushing voters into the Republican camp at an alarming rate. Members of his party have already defected and started voting against the bills being pushed around the Senate. People do not want to live in a Biden-run socialist state.

    Biden’s legacy will be defined by high prices and a massive betrayal of the American people. Biden was elected president of America and not the North American continent. He acts like he needs to solve all the problems the illegals have by depriving the very people that voted for the old man.

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