Whoa! Biden Taking His Billions from the Billionaires


    Joe Biden and his liberal followers have tried for years to get the billionaires of America to give up their wealth. They have spread the lies that the wealthy dodge taxes and do not pay their fair share. The progressives demand that the wealthy pay more in taxes to help supplement the Democrat’s insane spending habits. And yet when tax season comes around, the billionaires pay more in taxes than all other returns added together.

    The nasty Democrats think they can tell people what to do with the money. They forget that people’s earnings in America are their own, and no one can touch them. But the liberals will continue their fight to get out the private finances of the people they hate the most.

    The latest attack from Biden on the country has hit the wealthy the hardest. Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk have lost billions in the past several months because Biden’s deliberate attempt to inflate prices and destroy private businesses.

    The pandemic had a terrible effect on the country. People lost their jobs, and many lost their homes. And yet the top billionaires saw their wealth increase. Their growth is a testimony that anything is possible in America when people work hard and act wisely with their money.

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    Musk would go on to see his Tesla brand swell with growth. The way he treated people and moved his company around fueled the growth.

    But the nasty liberals would take notice and would push to enforce new pandemic lockdowns and issued threats of further action with each new variant of COVID-19 that would come around. The country would look at Biden and get sick because they know that he is trying to hurt America with his socialist-packed bills and mindset of putting America last.

    Interesting Engineering reported that Business Insider found that “Musk has seen his worth shrink by as much as $46 billion since the beginning of 2022, and while some of the blame lies on the Twitter buyout decision, Musk is also in the same boat as other billionaires are. Bezos has lost $53 billion of his personal worth, while Bernard Arnault, the world’s third-richest person, has lost a whopping $44 billion this year. In comparison, at $15 billion, Bill Gates’ losses are much slimmer.”

    The pandemic caused a lot of growth for online companies as people would order things for their homes instead of going to the store. Amazon had stock worth nearly $3,000 a share but has since lost a third of its value because of Biden’s high prices.

    Musk and his fellow billionaires have lost more in a few months than most people will ever see in multiple lifetimes. Biden believes that everyone should make the same amount of money. The only way he can get to that goal is to destroy the wealthy and bring everything in America under the umbrella of Democratic rule.

    Biden continues his push to raise prices, forcing the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates. High prices and high-interest rates are the last things needed to bring about a recession in America.

    The Democrats need a recession to justify their next steps in seizing power. They abused the pandemic as much as possible to gain power, so now, they need something else to use.

    A lot of the world’s economic outlook depends heavily on the American dollar. Biden knows that it can destroy the American economy, but he can get other countries to follow his beloved recession goals.

    The high prices and inflated energy prices are just the steppingstones that the liberals are using to get what they want the most. And that is power. They want people broke and starving, so they have to come to the federal government for help. The liberals know that starvation is a great way to force compliance on any people.

    Biden is robbing the billionaires. He has tried to get at their money for years but has failed as he does in life. The only way he can make them pay is to destroy the value of their wealth by tearing down their corporations.

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