Elizabeth Warren: Biden Should Put Abortion Clinics on Federal Property in ‘Hostile’ States


    Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that President Joe Biden should consider putting abortion clinics on federal property in states that ban abortion.

    Warren said, “The idea that five extremists on the United States Supreme Court want to take us back to that world, want to treat women as second class citizens., I see this as a moment it has got to be all hands on deck, a whole of government response. I get it Congress could act, but we just don’t have the votes right now. So we need the president of the United States to act.”

    Anchor Joy Reid said, “So executive action. What do you want him to do?”

    Warren said, “Nearly two dozen senators, all Democrats, of course, said here’s a list of what you can do, Mr. President, and it starts with making sure that there’s more access to medication abortions. Right now, there’s restrictions on the availability of that drugs that are not medically necessary. They are poetically necessary. OK, let’s get rid of those.”

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    Reid asked, “That can be done with executive action?”

    Warren said, “That can be done. That can be done through the FDA. There are a lot of agencies. We say executive action. Its whole of government is our response.”

    She continued, “Another part that we can make sure that people who receive Medicaid for their medical care get the full range of services that by law are supposed to be available to them, including choice of provider and that means in these states deciding Planned Parenthood can’t operate within their borders. So it’s being aggressive and pushing back on that. Another piece is we what the administration to explore what can be done with federal property within the states that are hostile? How about if the federal government looks into the possibility? Can they have clinics there? Can we give advice there? How can we be helpful?”

    She added, “The federal government is a huge employer. So is the federal government stepping up and saying that if an employee lives in a state that’s restricting access to abortion, there will be a law that says not only will that woman’s health care be covered and transportation will be covered?”

    Warren concluded, “We want to see this administration have all hands on deck. This is a five-alarm fire. We need to be fight, fight, fighting.”

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