Iran Warns US About Backing IAEA; US Says “Hold My Beer”


    Iran must have gotten their messages crossed someplace along the line. They seem to think they have a choice about the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) or the US supporting them in their decisions.

    State Department spokesman Ned Price did not mince words when talking about Iran. “We can confirm that we plan to join the UK, France, and Germany in seeking a resolution focused on the need for Iran to fully cooperate with the IAEA.” Price explained that the IAEA was able to raise “very serious concerns that Iran has failed to credibly respond.” He also reminded reporters that “it is essential that Iran does fully comply with its legally binding obligations.”

    Price’s reminder is accurate. The US has the capability and resolves to back the IAEA and enough people behind them. They also are willing to back off the restrictions Trump imposed if Iran will fully comply. Mind you, that is one big if there.

    The American people have known for ages that Iran is one of those nations that does what it wants. The US might have some say on the matter, but they will do what they want to do. No number of sanctions will prevent them from this, simply because they do not care. The idea of tighter restrictions from President Trump was his way of doing something. He wanted to ensure there was an attempt to bring them to the table, and that these sanctions would do that.

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    Alas, they didn’t come to the table with anything but the terms of the removal of the sanctions, without giving up anything. While they have always alleged that their nuclear capabilities would be for energy only, the levels of nuclear material and their enhanced stages suggest otherwise on the rare chances IAEA has gotten in there. The truly sad part is that this is just on facilities they have toured that Iran knew could be toured. Imagine how bad it is at the hidden or uncleaned locations.

    Biden is amendable to removing those sanctions too. Provided Iran cooperates and provides full compliance with the terms. This isn’t just unlikely; it has never happened. The leadership in Iran is under the firm belief that developing and enriching nuclear power is the only way to keep them from being overtaken. In their eyes, the US and anyone affiliated with us would steamroll Iran in the blink of an eye, so in their mind, having nuclear arms prevents this.

    Given the relationship between Biden and Israel, it’s hard to blame them. Recently some Iranian nuclear scientists were killed, and Israel is at the top of a very short list of suspects in the minds of the Iranian government. Then again, they are also upset that Biden refuses to remove Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards from a terrorism blacklist. There is much for them to discuss but neither Biden nor Iran will come to the table open-minded.

    Iran has known for a long time that the US and other nations do not believe they should be well armed. They don’t trust the leadership of the country, and given his recent actions with the Strait of Hurmuz, or trying to go toe-to-toe with our Navy in the Persian Gulf, Iran certainly has a small death wish. Either from sanctions or armed conflict. It’s too bad too, their oil refinement is proper, and it could sell well if they would work with the IAEA and the US.

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