Inflation Hasn’t Peaked…nor Have Biden’s Lies…None of This Is His Fault


    The sky is no longer the limit as the cost of everything soars beyond all worldly bounds. From the war in Ukraine to supply chain issues to the pandemic, lots of things have been blamed for the financial assault over the 16 months following Biden’s relocation to the White House. Under immense pressure from the American public to save their life savings, their 401Ks, and their homes from repossession, Biden came out of hiding long enough to say a few words.

    The White House had no other recourse but to respond to the battle cry of Republicans who’ve had enough of watching the economy further deteriorate. But instead of a game plan to combat the growing issue, they came up with one to combat the Republicans who are only pointing out the obvious. 

    Biden fired his first shot in Philadelphia at a recent AFL-CIO union convention with a well-rehearsed speech written by his handlers. “America still has a choice to make. A choice between a government by the few, for the few,” he said. “Or a government for all of us – a democracy for all of us, an economy where all of us have a fair shot.” A fair shot at what?

    With the midterms rolling in the Biden administration realizes the political clobbering it’s about to receive. Their strategy is to convince Americans that they aren’t seeing what they’re seeing and that Republicans, as usual, are making a mountain out of a molehill to make their worshipful leader look bad. 

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    Former senior advisor to Barack Obama, Dan Pfeiffer, isn’t overly optimistic that Biden can save himself. “The political environment is brutal for Democrats. There are few more economic issues more politically painful than high food and high gas prices and we are heading into high-stakes midterms,” he said. 

    “Recognizing that reality trumps messaging, and there is no silver bullet message that makes people feel better about a tough economic situation, the best thing the White House can do right now is show voters that they are trying.” Trying is one thing, but the truth lies in the pudding that isn’t gelling.

    Admittedly, many of the world issues affecting America’s economy were out of Biden’s hands, but…the issue is with him being sluggish in taking the appropriate steps to offset the devastating economic impact that with all certainty was coming full speed ahead as he sat in his La-Z-Boy watching it barrel in. 

    The White House was dead wrong when they said not to worry about the temporary inflation that would clear itself up by summer. It was an expected hiccup caused by the transition of power. Always happens.

    When summer came around and things had only gotten worse, they told yet another lie that no one in their right mind could believe. As consumers were being gouged at an even faster pace, the White House, once again, contradicted the obvious by saying inflation had actually peaked in April and that this was just residual fallout that would soon blow away. 

    Considering how prices in May rose by a staggering 8.6 percent, the highest one-month spike in 40 years… wrong again. This clearly indicates that the inflationary peak isn’t even on the horizon.

    Ironically, this is the same administration that was accusing Donald Trump of fabricating wild and delusionary tales of his super-human abilities to destroy and conquer every issue, one by one.

    Who remembers that? It was back when we could still afford to drive our cars and keep our refrigerators stocked…Then came Biden…

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