Biden Praises Police but Hosts Anti-Police Activists


    There’s a saying that you’ve probably heard a time or two during your life: Actions speak louder than words. Basically, it means that while your words are important and indeed do have power, if they are not backed up by action or deeds, they are pretty much useless, if not all-out lies.

    And for Biden’s White House, that is most certainly true.

    Let’s take, for instance, the Biden administration’s seeming support of police and law enforcement.

    Over the last couple of years, policing in our nation has become a rather heated and much-debated topic, causing round-the-clock and nationwide discussions as we’ve never before heard. Most of this, as you know, began during the summer of 2020, shortly after the death of longtime criminal George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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    Floyd, who was black, had been arrested by a white police officer and later died in police custody.

    Around the same time were several other instances in which black criminals were either killed or arrested by white officers, leading to a presumption by no small number of individuals that the policing system in America was somehow racist.

    But rather than change policies or amend law enforcement practices that might add to this thought process, the loudest of voices fought to “defund” or abolish law enforcement entirely.

    And so began a summer filled with riots, “peaceful” protests, and “demonstrations” meant to prove that police and their policies unjustly and unproportionally target blacks in America.

    However, it didn’t necessarily have that effect.

    Thanks to riots that turned violent in an instant, leaving dead and wounded, whole city blocks burned to the ground, and billions of dollars in personal property damages, the nation soured on “defunding the police.” There was also the pure logic and sanity that proved that time and time again, not all police are corrupt and racist individuals and that without police officers, our cities would be left with no one to defend the innocent or uphold our laws.

    Cities like Minneapolis, New York, and Los Angeles, who all moved to implement defunding the police policies, all saw that first hand. And since then, they have been forced to “refund” the police in an effort to maintain even the smallest semblance of law and order.

    Naturally, leftist politicians like Biden and his cohorts have learned that the topic of being against police is a rather toxic one. As such, they have tried very hard in recent months to distance themselves from it as much as possible.

    Biden has even made pro-police statements, claiming that he supports them and appreciates their constant efforts to serve and protect.

    But those are just his words. Behind closed doors, his administration’s actions are speaking louder.

    Actions like inviting a number of anti-police activists to the White House, for instance.

    As Fox News recently reported, the past several months have seen several anti-law enforcement individuals walk through the White House doors to meet with various Biden officials and advisers.

    One such individual is Carman Rojas, the leftist-leaning Marguerite Casey Foundation president. The foundation has made it their seemingly sole mission to get police, and all that goes with it abolished for good. And over the last few years, it has made countless calls to do so.

    Why? Well, because police are racist and part of the “white supremacy” that this nation was supposedly rooted in.

    Rashad Robinson is another anti-police activist who recently visited the White House. Robison, like Rojas, believes that police should be abolished, and his “racial justice” group Color of Change aims to see that happen.

    Robinson even celebrates the life and birthday of those like Assata Shakur, a member of the Black Panthers and the Black Liberation Army who escaped prison in 1979 after murdering a white New Jersey state trooper. She has been on the FBI’s most-wanted list since 2013.

    In one Twitter post, Robinson praises this cop killer while calling for “bolder,” “louder,” and “bigger” thinking for “revolution.”

    And yet, he was recently seen at the White House speaking to some of Biden’s top advisers.

    Forgive me if I suddenly don’t believe all that Biden is saying about supporting the institution of policing in the US. As I said, actions speak louder…

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