Donald Trump: Decision to Overturn Roe Is the ‘Answer to the Prayers of Millions and Millions of People’


    Trump opened his Saturday night Save America rally by praising the Supreme Court for its decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization.

    Trump said:

    So before we begin, we’ve got some very big news. Don’t we? We have very big news. Maybe the biggest, right from the United States Supreme Court. Yesterday the Court handed down a victory for the Constitution, a victory for the rule of law, and above all, a victory for life. This breakthrough is the answer to the prayers of millions and millions of people. And these prayers have gone on for decades and decades. They’ve been praying, and now those prayers have been answered.

    “To the generations of Americans in the pro life movement, as well as countless constitutional conservatives, your boundless love, sacrifice, and devotion has finally been rewarded in full. Congratulations,” Trump said.

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    Trump noted that the Supreme Court’s decision was made possible because he fulfilled his 2016 campaign promise to nominate pro-life justices who would uphold the constitution’s original meaning.

    He said:

    As the candidate in 2016, You remember that? — We did better the second time but let’s not say that. Did a lot better the second time we did a lot better in 2020 — I promised to nominate judges and justices who would stand up for the original meaning of the Constitution and who would honestly and faithfully interpret the law as written. We got almost 300 federal judges, and three great Supreme Court justices confirmed to do exactly that.

    Trump applauded the Court for finding the “courage” to overturn Roe v. Wade and bring the abortion rights debate back to state legislatures.

    “And thanks to the courage found within the United States Supreme Court, this long divisive issue will be decided by the states and by the American people,” Trump said. “That’s the way it should have been many, many, years ago and that’s the way it is now. So congratulations.”

    The Mendon, Illinois crowd loudly chanted “Thank you, Trump,” after his remarks on the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe.

    “We believe that every precious child born and unborn is the sacred gift from God,” Trump said.

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