Camera Accidentally Shows Biden Handed a Note Card from Staff


    We’ve all had a sneaky suspicion for a while now that Democratic President Joe Biden isn’t all there upstairs. I mean, from the time he first announced his presidential 2020 bid, it became more and more apparent that something was going on, be it the simple fact that he’s nearly 80 or some sort of diagnosable cognitive decline.

    And since then, things have only worsened on that note. It’s pretty much a given now that should the 46th president make any kind of public appearance, even on radio or a phone interview, there will be a series of gaffes and mistakes produced.

    He’ll slur his words, he’ll make up words of his own, and he’ll tell some tall tales. He might even fall up the stairs or off of his bike. And he’ll definitely forget something, be it his wife, where he’s at, or who his previous boss was.

    Basically, he’s a not-so-royal mess. And everyone knows it.

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    Of course, the political left and their liberally backed media outlets have done a wondrous job of covering for him at all times. He just caught his foot in the bike pedal. He’s tired from touring. What he really meant was…

    But during a meeting this past week, someone on the White House media team made an error – and a rather big one. While filming the president in the Roosevelt Room, Biden was seen holding a note card. Not so unusual, right? I mean, everyone, especially those with lots of important meetings, usually has note cards to remind them of certain topics to be discussed or addenda items to be covered.

    However, this note card didn’t contain reminders on things like that.

    Instead, it began, “YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to participants.” Then, number two on the list said, “YOU take YOUR seat.”

    The card was quite lengthy, instructing him when he needed to stand up when to sit down, when to speak, what to say, and even to “YOU thank participants” and “YOU depart” when the meeting was over.

    As I said, we knew things weren’t all there for Biden anymore. But this is just pathetic.

    As one Twitter user says, it’s basically proof that he is a “geriatric nursing home patient trapped in the White House.”


    I mean, how could we get to a point where the President of the United States of America, the single most powerful and (used to be) well-respected office in the free world, is being reminded to take his seat and say hello during a meeting?

    It’s embarrassing, to be sure – and something our enemies are likely to take serious note of.

    Of course, they, like us, have known for a while that there’s been something wrong with Biden. As such, few nations have much respect for him anymore. However,… this is just further fodder for their fires and attacks.

    China’s President Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin have got to be laughing their socks off. And don’t even get me started on what’s running through top ISIS members’ heads right about now.

    If Biden was actually in a nursing home, a beloved grandfather to some poor soul, we might actually feel sorry for him. I mean, he’s pretty much a victim of elderly abuse at this point, being told what to do and when, while likely not ever really understanding why or what he’s doing.

    And yet, because his party has made him into the face of his administration’s failure, we don’t really have all that much sympathy. After all, he willingly went into this, right? And he had to know that things would get worse, and he’d just become a puppet.

    No wonder Democrats are looking elsewhere when it comes to 2024 presidential candidates. Biden isn’t even capable of handling a simple and routine meeting, let alone running the entire country.

    In the meantime, though, we are left to wonder who is making all those tough and not-so-good decisions? It clearly isn’t Biden if he doesn’t even know when to stand up.

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