Dems Finally Admit What We Knew in 2016, Biden Is Too Old To Be President


    History has a funny way of repeating itself. No matter how people try to avoid it, things come back and slap us in the face from our history time and again.

    Back before the 2020 elections, many people in and out of politics were nearly begging for any other candidate but Joe Biden to be the candidate to face off against then-President Donald Trump. Many of those voices felt that Biden wouldn’t bring a fresh set of eyes to the Presidency, that his worldview was being corrupted by others, and that he was simply too old to complete his time as President.

    Now in 2022, we have President Biden. The last two years have been an absolute nightmare. He refuses to entertain outside groups to make the country stronger. He pushes leftist policies and ideals that don’t benefit the country or even make sense. Instead, he has made nothing but short-sighted decisions that have pushed inflation to 40-year highs forced the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates time and again, and made a mockery of this once great nation.

    Former Rep. Joe Cunningham (D-SC) went on CNN’s “New Day” program on June 23rd to tackle this very problem. In his eyes there is but one thing for the President to do at this point – retire. “I think what people hate about politics and politicians is the inconsistency. And hypocrisy. And, you know, we look at the White House, and see President Biden, think about what the future is going to look like and a new generation of leadership and, look, if President Biden were here with me right now and asking my opinion, whether or not he should run for another term, or whether he should step aside and allow a new generation of leadership to emerge, I would tell him the latter.”

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    This statement goes along with a previous campaign video of his that questioned the idea of people staying in politics well past their prime. In the ad, he referenced the “geriatric oligarchy” that has become present-day politics.

    Sounds an awful lot like the same message former President Trump ran on back in 2016, and they are both right. While both sides have elected officials who have stayed on well past their prime, President Biden is 80 now and will be 82 when it’s time for reelection. The fact that he has truly been a career politician by spending so many years in office as a Senator is nothing short of insane. This man has flip-flopped stances at an incredible rate, and even used his stances years ago to attack current policies, but never drops his name as having been the problem.

    Cunningham acknowledged Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) who himself is 81 as another one in that same boat when the host from CNN brought him up. “I appreciate his service [Clyburn] and what he’s done for our country, and it is nothing personal. I get along fine with him. But as we look toward the future, we got to be looking to provide new vision.”

    That new vision needs to come in the form of new blood. As politics and the views of the American people evolve, we need politicians who evolve with it. Rep. Clyborn and President Biden are two men who have served the politics of this country faithfully for decades, and while their dedication is admirable, their time to be put out to pasture has long since been past.

    Now is the time when the American people need to step up. People under the age of 50 need to start getting into big government politics. The left already has their group in “The Squad”, and like them or not, that is a group of leftists who the younger generation connects with. It’s about damn time the right got their group going too.

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