CNN’s Romans: Biden Blaming Putin, Refiners, and Gas Stations for High Gas Prices Is Contradictory


    While discussing President Joe Biden blaming gas stations for high gas prices on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” CNN Chief Business Correspondent and host Christine Romans pointed out that President Joe Biden has blamed high gas prices on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and dubbed rising gas prices the Putin price hike and has also blamed refiners for not refining enough oil while also pushing against companies refining more oil long term, and stated that some of these messages are contradictory and “working at cross-purposes.”

    Romans stated, “Well, it’s Putin’s price hike, he’s called it, and then he was talking about refiners need to be refining more oil, although, long term, the strategy of this administration is that they don’t want them refining more oil. They want them using other kinds of resources. So, there [are] a lot of different kind of messaging strategies, I think, at play here and some of them are kind of working at cross-purposes.”

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