To These Outsiders Looking In, U.S. Democracy Is Gone With the Wind


    The U.S. government lied about Sep 11. The attack would not have been possible had it not been an inside job. COVID-19 was manufactured as a means of control. Ukrainians are peacefully plowing their fields The war is fake and liberals are using “crisis actors” to stage phony mass shootings to push their anti-gun agendas.

    These are the beliefs of one man, Daniel Charles Wilson, who like thousands of others, won’t buy into what the media and the government are claiming as reality. Nobody can pull the wool over his “woke” eyes. Not in this lifetime.

    Wilson has been observing America’s incessant turmoil from afar. The Canadian citizen scoffs at what the U.S. calls free elections, and knows that the Jan. 6 insurrection didn’t happen quite as the media would have everyone believe. In fact, he’s doubting everything we’ve been told over the past 20 years, and he thanks his own extensive internet research for keeping him truthfully informed.  

    Wilson told the AP, “It’s the age of information, and the hidden government, the people who control everything, they know they can’t win. They’re all lying to us. But we’re going to break through this. It will be a good [sic] change for everyone.”

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    Wilson is writing a book about his disbelief in anything and everything with a U.S. seal of approval on it. The book should be well received by the already immense and growing number of people from other Western nations who literally, can no longer believe their own eyes. 

    After watching what could have only been one staged foul play after another, these outsiders have lost faith in America’s so-called democratic leadership, and they’re well aware of how the free press is ancient history. To them, America is the modern-day Soviet Union.

    Since the news coming out of the U.S. is biased and controlled, these people with no real skin in the game have created their own conspiracy theories via information they’ve received from sources outside of the U.S. that aren’t restricted from telling it like it is.

    U.S.-based scientists, public officials, and journalists have lost enormous amounts of credibility. One person saying one thing while someone else says another is a manipulation tactic aimed at creating confusion and turmoil, thusly, making it easier to control people. Give ‘em a little shove in the direction they’ve been convinced they should go and they become like ignorant cows being led to the slaughter. 

    Experts who study the effects of misinformation as it relates to extremism blame the creation of dark tales and twisted plots on a loss of faith in institutions as a whole. And this does not only apply to the U.S. that’s under the scrutinizing eyes of an entire world that can’t get the straight poop either without an enormous amount of digging, and who has time for that? 

    But let’s bring this back home and see how we Yankees feel about the mess we’re in. Hope you’re sitting down. Only 16% of us think this democracy thing is working as it should, while 38% are sitting on a delicate fence that’s already broken for the rest who say democracy is dead. 

    Conspiracy theories aren’t going away, but how can they when all anybody has to go on anymore is their imagination. And truthfully, a good number of these theories make a heck of a lot more sense than what we’re being spoonfed by institutions and their agendas. And…they all have an agenda.

    Be careful out there. It’s a tangled mess of information that could be true but might not. Or it could be falsely elaborated to give it a flair, or it could be a downright biased lie, or it could be… You get it. The media calls them conspiracy theories. We call them regular old theories with as much truth to them as what the in-cahoots institutions are hoping we’ll believe. 

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