Biden Administration Dumps Money into the Question of Being a White Male


    The Biden administration promised unity when they got into office. Actually, they made a lot of promises. They’re the biggest laughingstock because they haven’t done anything.

    Unity is the last thing that this administration is interested in. They have created more division by pushing the concepts of racism.

    And now, the Department of Health and Human Services has decided to waste money on finding out why people are obsessed with favoring “whiteness and maleness over other identities.” They’re handing over $40,000 to New York University to answer this question.

    The study will go on for three years. It started in February and will conclude in January 2025. They want to find out why children believe that “white males represent the default person.”

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    Of course, this is what HHS has assumed. If you actually go out into your community and ask the question, you’d likely get a very different response. Most children don’t have racism pumping through their bodies. They would identify themselves as the default.

    Girls don’t believe that maleness gets everything.

    People of color don’t believe whiteness gets everything.

    There are plenty of people in power who are neither white nor male – yet the Biden administration doesn’t even want to talk about such a concept. They want to continue to push the idea that the United States is built on a mountain of racism and that the country is inherently racist.

    Perhaps 200 years ago, people would have seen the white man as the default person. They were the ones who could be landowners and who could vote. However, a lot has changed. The U.S. is the land of opportunities – regardless of gender or ethnic background.

    The grant explains that “the beliefs children acquire tend to reflect the dominant ideologies embedded in their specific cultural contexts.”

    The grant continues by explaining that “Despite national rises in racial and gender diversity, white men remain vastly over-represented across a host of domains within the U.S., from media to politics, to clinical research.”

    There’s no telling what the Department of Health and Human Services hopes to get out of funding this grant. Even if they find out why children favor whiteness and maleness, what is going to be done about it?

    There’s so much being done by the liberals that could taint the outcome, too. They tell lies about how preventing abortions is an unfair burden to the Black population. They claim that throwing a Black criminal in jail is racism. And they continue to point the finger at white people to claim that there are unequal opportunities in education, business, and every other aspect of life.

    A lot has been done to pull down the barriers. And plenty of Black people will speak out against the liberal arguments. They feel as though they are seen as equals. They have reached success in their careers, and they live a happy life without facing racism.

    If whiteness and maleness were favored over every other identity, wouldn’t everyone who wasn’t a white male feel as though the country had to step up and make changes? The reality is that it’s simply not the case.

    The Biden administration will waste tens of thousands of dollars to get nowhere – but that’s been their problem all along. They waste money as a way to further their divisive, progressive agenda.

    As The Daily Mail notes, “The research comes at a time when a debate over critical race theory is raging across the country, drawing intense support and denouncement from both sides.”

    That’s where this is all coming from. Once the study concludes, we’ll likely be hearing the study’s results shoved in our faces, demanding that critical race theory be introduced in every school so that maleness and whiteness can be wiped out once and for all.

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