Poll: More Americans Plan on Voting for Republican Candidates in November


    Out of 1,001 registered voters polled nationwide between July 10-13, 44 percent say they would vote for a Republican candidate in their district, compared to 41 percent who say they would cast their ballot for a Democrat. Forty-one percent of respondents identify as Democrat or Democrat-leaning, 41 percent identify as Republican or Republican-leaning, and 19 percent identify as independent or other.

    Only 35 percent of Americans think the Democrat Party “has a clear plan for dealing with the problems facing the country” and sixty-two percent say they do not. When asked the same question of Republicans, 41 percent of voters say the GOP has a plan to solve the nation’s pressing issues, while 54 percent say they do not.

    While the Fox News poll has Republicans leading the general ballot within its margin of sampling error of three percentage points, another recent poll from Rasmussen Reports shows generic GOP candidates leading by eight points. Republicans have maintained a notable lead over Democrats for all of 2022 across various pollsters, reflecting Americans’ growing discontent with the leadership of Democrats and President Joe Biden.

    That discontent is once again reflected in the Fox News poll, with voters giving Biden a 40 percent approval rating and a 59 percent disapproval rating. The 40 percent approval rating is Fox News poll’s lowest so far, and his disapproval is the highest it has been.

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    Disapproval of Biden’s response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, his energy policy, guns, immigration, the economy, and inflation are all higher than his approval percentages by double digits. Voters give Vice President Kamala Harris a 39 percent approval rating and a 58 percent disapproval rating.

    Overall, 61 percent say they are “extremely motivated” to vote in the November elections. Seventeen percent say they are “very” motivated, 15 percent say “somewhat,” and seven percent say “not at all.”

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