Historically, More Voters of Color Are Turning to the Right To Fix the Mess the Dems Have Made…the Numbers Are Shocking


    One for one and one for all was the battle cry of America in the aftermath of 9/11. In a rare moment of solidarity, citizens locked arms in unity as retaliation took precedence over political differences and strongly rooted opinions. Siblings are allowed to fight amongst themselves but no one else better try anything.

    The 2,977 innocent victims who perished in the most heinous attack ever perpetrated on IU.S. soil, have been gone for two decades. All that remains of their former lives is a memorial in their honor where the twin towers once stood. While the memory of the tragic incident lives on in the hearts and minds of every red-blooded American, the same can’t be said of the one for all unity that’s been long since kicked to the curb.

    Tribalism is no longer reserved for indigenous societies. it’s the specialty item on America’s latest menu. Political wants, needs, and foremost, opinions, have red-lined the Richter scale as like minds team up in defense of their causes.  

    Understanding how numbers represent power, and that no one can get everything they want, citizens are aligning themselves with the major political party that best aligns with their own ideologies, even if it doesn’t touch all the bases. 

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    It may come as a surprise to learn how more and more people of color have done a 180 from the Left as smaller tribes begin to merge with the larger and more powerful Republican tribe that’s more apt to treat them with equal dignity.  

    Among voters of color, Democrats are still favored by 25 points while trailing by 10 points among white voters. While a 35-point racial gap may appear significant, it isn’t. By historical standards it’s the smallest it’s ever been, and the gap is closing smaller every day Joe Biden remains in office.

    For a better perspective, during the 2020 election, Republicans were battling against a 63-point racial gap. Some of this lessening gap can be attributed to the overwhelming growth of America’s Hispanic population that for the most part, align with the Right. The number of U.S. Black voters, who typically align with the Left, has dwindled altogether as its population oddly continues to significantly decrease. 

    While the overturning of Roe v Wade caused the gender gap to widen in favor of the Democrats, it was mostly White female voters who drove the bulldozer. The decision had little impact on voters of color, including the Asian-American community that in recent years has turned its eyes to the Right.

    If you’re of the mindset that the country is speeding down the wrong highway, you’ll either cheer up or become further depressed to learn that 77% of your fellow citizens agree. Soak that in for a moment.

    Despite this, America’s highly-proven grit and determination have shown that 60% still think it isn’t too late to reverse the spiraling trend. But first, the also highly-proven do-nothing tribe of Democrats needs to be relocated, and even then, it’s going to take the incumbent tribe of Republicans a full ten years to repair the damage they’ll inherit. Woo-woo-woo.

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