Listen: Country Star John Rich Anti-Woke Anthem ‘Progress’ Hits No. 1 on iTunes


    “Progress,” which was written by John Rich along with Jeffrey Steele and Vicky McGehee, strikes a defiant stance against the left-wing, progressive policies that have led to the U.S.’s precipitous decline under President Joe Biden. The song’s refrain encapsulate Rich’s fed-up attitude:

    Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine

    Keep your big mess away from me and mine

    If you leave us alone, well we’d all be just fine

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    Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine.

    In a Truth Social post on Friday announcing the new song, Rich described the new song as “my message to the tyrants running our country into the ground.”

    Truth Social/John Rich

    Truth Social/John Rich

    The music video for “Progress” presents a montage of the country’s so-called “progress” under the influence of the left — empty grocery store shelves, skyrocketing energy prices, baby formula shortages, rioting in the streets, and widespread urban breakdown.

    Watch below:

    The video concludes with shots of Americans of various ethnicities and religions celebrating their patriotism and love of country.

    “Progress” opens by directly mocking Biden’s failed Build Back Better agenda.

    There’s a hole in this country where its heart used to be

    They say building back better will make America great

    If that’s the wave of the future, all I’ve got to say…

    The song then addresses Biden’s open-border immigration policy, his catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan that led to the deaths of 13 U.S. service members, and his domestic policies that have attempted to curtail the freedom of speech.

    They invite the whole world to come live in our land

    And leave our countrymen dying in Afghanistan

    They say let go of Jesus, let government say

    You can have back your freedoms if you do what we say

    The most defiant lyrics comes toward the end, when Rich invokes Biden’s authoritarian policies and the populist right’s revolt against it.

    They shut down our pipelines, and they shut down our voices

    They shut down our Main Streets an they shut down our choices

    They bent us all over but it’s all over now

    Because we figured it out. We ain’t backing down

    Jeffrey Steele, who co-wrote the song, released the recent single “Walk Toward the Fire,” a tribute to the late Andrew Breitbart to help mark the tenth anniversary of his death, which he penned with Breitbart’s own Jon Kahn.

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