Almost One Third of Americans Are Ready To Take Their Government Back With Firepower if It Comes to It


    No matter which way you slice it, the US government is in trouble.

    Americans are tired of having a president that doesn’t have our best interests at heart. Right now as it stands we don’t even have one who has his own best interests as his main concern. Instead, he just has a mind full of warm tapioca pudding, and no ideas on how to fix the country. Yet he has managed to unite the American people.

    Per a survey from the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, two-thirds of Republicans and independents claim the government is “corrupt and rigged against everyday people like me,” with just over half of liberal voters feeling the same way. 28% of voters and 37% of gun owners agreed that “it may be necessary at some point soon for citizens to take up arms against the government.” By party line, 35% of both Republicans and Independents concur with that statement, and 20% of Democrats couldn’t help but agree.

    This same survey oddly enough shows that about 70% of both Republicans and Democrats agree that the other side “are generally bullies who want to impose their political beliefs on those who disagree.” Meanwhile, 50% of each side also believes the other side is completely misinformed about politics due to where they get their information and news. These rare agreements and oddly matching statistics end here though.

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    With 56% of Americans believing that the elections are fair and balanced, that number dumps down to 33% when it’s just Republicans. Given the results of the last Presidential election, the results of that horrible loss to Biden, and the resulting conflicting statements about January 6th, it’s unsurprising that Americans are very polarized about this issue. The various information sources, how the information is gathered, and the types of questions being asked are all very suspicious to each side.

    The American people have had enough of this though. They want their lives back to normal. To go back to working a job that made enough money to pay the bills, and that was rewarding to their own goals in life. We had that starting to come back with Trump in office.

    Since the liberals chased him out with Joe Biden of all people, it has been nothing but a train wreck. His choice of Vice President has done the country no good either. She has her agenda and most of it seems to be centered around the people and causes that got Biden’s attention for her in the first place. Biden on the other hand can’t keep that bowl of tapioca pudding focused enough to fix anything besides covering up for Hunter and his mistakes.

    The attention he puts on that subject alone is enough to get almost any other President impeached for misusing the office, but somehow, he remains in office. The polarizing feelings about each side and nobody having enough traction to push him out are making it impossible to change that situation. What is changeable is the midterm elections.

    Just a few short months away, these midterm elections could easily be the most important ones the US has seen in decades. The delicate balance of power in both the House and the Senate is likely to flip over to Republican-dominated, but the question is how dominated will they become? With the Presidential election coming up in 2024, many are already predicting that a cold side order of Whataburger fries could beat President Biden if it ran on the Republican ticket. Given the numbers this poll uncovered, they are likely right.

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