Pelosi-Aligned Super PAC Spends $20 Million on Midterms to Save House Majority


    In the numbers first reported by Axios, Pelosi’s Super PAC will spend roughly $20 million in an attempt to flood the airwaves from September to the November election night.

    The campaign ads will reportedly tout the party’s accomplishments, which the Democrats have had little of, and attack their Republican opponents, which they call “extremist,” despite their own radical bills they have attempted to pass.

    House Majority PAC will use this as an attempt to boost the House Democrats in the final months of the midterm cycle, where they are projected to lose the majority and give the Republicans a majority of between 12 and 35 seats.

    Axios noted that in addition to giving the final push for safe district Democrats, the ad campaign would be a “lifeline” for all the vulnerable Democrats.

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    Pelosi’s Super PAC initially spent $101.8 million on television and digital ads this cycle, which they announced as part of their initial investment in March.

    The full list of media markets are:

    Chicago, Illinois: $4 million
    Cleveland, Ohio: $2.6 million
    Syracuse, New York: $2 million
    Cincinnati, Ohio: $1.4 million
    Boston, Massachusetts: $1.1 million
    Hartford, Connecticut: $906.7 thousand
    St. Louis, Missouri: 799.9 thousand
    Albany, New York: $769.5 thousand
    Binghamton, New York: $768.5 thousand
    San Antonio, Texas: $740.2 thousand
    Los Angeles, California: $665.2 thousand
    Toledo, Ohio: $510 thousand
    Harlingen, Texas: $506.3 thousand
    Norfolk, Virginia: $455 thousand
    Champaign, Illinois: $449.6 thousand
    Minneapolis, Minnesota: $424.6 thousand
    Grand Rapids, Michigan: $375 thousand
    Fresno, California: $355 thousand
    Greenville, North Carolina: $315 thousand
    Seattle, Washington: $300 thousand
    Utica, New York: $266.1 thousand
    Laredo, Texas: $115 thousand
    New York, New York: $88.8 thousand

    House Majority PAC’s executive director, Abby Curran Horrell, told Axios, “These reservations will enable us to flip and defend seats across the country and show just how out of touch Republicans are with the American people.”

    “The GOP continues to nominate extremist candidates who will act as a rubber stamp for the disastrous MAGA agenda,” she added.

    Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. Write to him at [email protected] or follow him on Twitter @JacobMBliss.

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