Democrats Go Mute Over Supporting Biden


    Joe Biden is losing his support. Attaching yourself to him is like attaching yourself to a concrete block that’s about to head toward the bottom of the Hudson River. It’s a bad move, and most politicians are smarter than that.

    As we head to the midterms, many people are looking at the big picture. Regardless of who comes out with the majority in November, what are the 2024 presidential elections going to look like?

    The 2024 presidential election would be Joe Biden’s second term. He could easily run as the Democratic candidate because that’s what most presidents do. Most don’t really think that they’re only going to serve one term.

    However, most presidents aren’t in their 80s when they go for their second term. And they don’t have an approval rating that is in the toilet. And they aren’t showing constant signs of senility to the entire world.

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    More and more Democrats are refusing to comment when they’re asked about whether they would support Biden for a second term in 2024.

    Representatives Jerry Nadler and Carolyn Maloney are two establishment literals. They are powerful committee chairs, too.

    When they were asked during a televised debate whether they would support President Biden if he were to seek reelection, both shied away from answering.

    Nadler’s comment was “Too early to say. Doesn’t serve the purpose of the Democratic Party to, to deal with that until after the midterms.”

    Good tactic. Stall.

    Maloney went in denial. “I don’t believe he’s running for re-election.”

    The reality is that they should have answered with confidence if they believe that Joe Biden is a good president now. After all, if the president is doing a good job, you want them to continue for four more years.

    If you can’t say with certainty at any point in time that they should run for reelection, should they even be serving in the office right now?

    The answer is no. The question is why the Democrats haven’t moved to use the 25th amendment. If Joe Biden is incapable of performing in the capacity of the president, they could remove him. This would place Kamala Harris into the role.

    We already know that Biden isn’t capable of serving as president. He isn’t even capable of getting himself off of a stage without his handlers stepping up to provide assistance. It’s also why he and everyone in the White House have blatantly refused any kind of mental acuity test. He’d fail – and that would force the use of the 25th amendment.

    It’s easier for Democrats like Nadler and Maloney to look the other way. If they had to deal with the problem head-on, they would be left with Kamala Harris as president – and that’s clearly not what anyone wants, or it would have happened already.

    There are whispers that even if Biden wants to run for reelection, he won’t get very far. More and more Democrats are refusing to answer the question of whether they would support the president.

    Some are more vocal than others.

    Representative Dean Phillips (D-Minn.) recently said in a radio interview that “The country would be well-served by a new generation of compelling, well-prepared, dynamic Democrats who step up.”

    Angie Craig, another Rep. from Minnesota also said that the Democratic Party needs “new leaders in Washington up and down the ballot.”

    Biden has already said that he is planning to seek reelection. Whether he realizes it or not, no one in his party is planning on supporting it.

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