Why Hasn’t the FBI Raided Hunter Biden’s House?


    President Joe Biden is as crooked as he is crazy. He loves to use his position in the federal government to help his family members get ahead by breaking the law and forcing people to do things they should not be doing.

    The president’s son is no exception to the rule. He has been found to have used his father’s influence while he was the vice president to get placed in a position of authority in an international business. He is now under investigation, but nothing has been done to search his home for related information.

    The question on every person’s mind is why Hunter Biden’s home had not been searched and raided by the FBI. The president allowed his FBI regime to go after former president Donald Trump and raid his private home, but he still protected his criminal son.

    Joe Biden and his son Hunter boarded the president’s plane together, acting like nothing was wrong. The New York Post reported that “Despite a snail’s pace grand-jury investigation into his suspect business dealings by the US attorney in Joe Biden’s crony state of Delaware, despite copious documentary evidence that he accepted millions of dollars from America’s adversaries in exchange for influencing his father, the then-vice president, despite actively working with Communist China to extend ‘belt-and-road’ imperialism across the globe to undermine America, Hunter, 52, looked as if he didn’t have a care in the world.”

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    The evidence to incriminate the president’s son is overwhelming. But Biden continues to use his position of authority to keep his felon out of prison.

    The two Biden men believe they cannot be touched by law enforcement. Their public defiance of the law and bold display of prideful arrogance is sickening at best.

    Donald Trump had his home raided at the request of Democrats seeking to keep him from running for president. They are desperate to find anything they can use to incriminate Trump. But the sad part is that they cannot find a single speck of evidence to tie the man to any illegal activity.

    Every Democrat protecting the president’s son should be guilty of harboring a fugitive. Hunter Biden is the exact opposite. There is enough evidence to lock the man away for the rest of his life. All the nasty liberals need to do is use the same aggression to finish his investigation, and they will have everything they need to close the case. But they love their own and are unwilling to make sudden moves to incriminate those they want to protect.

    The New York Post also reported that “Democrats and allied media have been high-fiving and backslapping on MSNBC and CNN ever since the Mar-a-Lago raid Monday. Magazine covers featuring Trump in a photoshopped orange jumpsuit behind bars are already in the works.”

    They are so confident that they are going to find enough material to put Donald Trump behind bars. Their silly little witch hunt has not revealed evidence that the man is guilty of any crime.

    The liberals want to target all conservatives because they see them as a threat to their taking over the country. The message that Biden sent to the world is that all Democrats are safe while he is in office. But everyone else is fair game for being arrested and charged with fake crimes.

    The president has yet to reveal what the FBI was looking for at Trump’s home. Attorney General Merrick Garland has avoided discussing why the former president had his home raided.

    Both wicked men know that what they have done is highly speculative and should have never happened. Hunter Biden should have been the one to have his home raided. But the president wants to protect his family and keep his wicked name clean for as long as possible.

    The longer Joe Biden sits in an office, the more his family will get away with criminal activity. The Republican Party is just waiting for the midterm elections to end, and they will take back the House and the Senate. Joe Biden will become a lame duck president, and his son will finally be brought to justice.

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