Poll: 73% of College Democrats Don’t Want Joe Biden to Run in 2024


    The poll revealed that 73 percent of Democrat students — who attend either two- or four-year institutions — do not believe President Biden should run for office two years from now. Meanwhile, only 27 percent think he should.

    (Mark Humphrey, File/AP)

    A majority of Republican students support former President Donald Trump running in 2024, with 57 percent saying he should run again.

    The report also noted that the poll was conducted between August 12 and 17, “during a relatively strong stretch of news for Biden” among Democrats. At the time, the Senate had just passed its climate and health care legislation on August 7, and the House passed it on August 12.

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    Nonetheless, the poll also found that just 42 percent of all incoming second-year college students approve of Biden’s job as president, including just two percent who strongly approve. Meanwhile, 57 percent disapprove of the 46th president’s performance.

    Moreover, that number is down from the 58 percent of respondents who said they approved of Biden’s job as president when NBC News and Generation Lab conducted a survey in 2021, as the students were entering their first year of college.

    While a vast majority of Democrat-voting students do not want to see President Biden run for reelection in 2024, it doesn’t mean that political tensions and polarization on college campuses have eased up.

    A separate poll conducted by NBC News and Generation Lab found that nearly half (46 percent) of the Class of 2025 (rising sophomores) say they won’t “dorm across the aisle,” meaning they would probably/definitely not share a dormitory with someone who supports the opponent of their preferred 2020 presidential candidate.

    As far as which group is more close-minded when it comes to sharing a room with someone who thinks differently than them, 62 percent of Democrat students said they would not, compared to just 28 percent of Republican students.

    Additionally, 53 percent of students said they would probably/definitely not go on a date with someone who supported the other 2020 presidential candidate, and 63 percent said they would probably/definitely not marry someone who supported the other 2020 candidate.

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