Marsha Blackburn: A ‘Cabal’ Has Politicized FBI


    Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) said a “cabal” of individuals within the FBI were politicizing the agency on this week’s broadcast of “Sunday Morning Futures.”

    Blackburn said on the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid, “We still do not know exactly what they are up to. We know that it is broad and has been far-reaching, going for documents anywhere between 2017-2021. It wasn’t a focused raid if you will. What we do know is that the Tennesseans I’m talking to say if they can do this to President Trump, they can do it to me. We do know that Biden and his crew have a history of doing things that are out of the ordinary.”

    She continued, “We have seen the FBI become politicized, a certain group, a certain cabal in the FBI. We have wonderful men and women who are working in that agency. We have wonderful individuals that have retired out. We have heard from some of the whistleblowers, and the continued oversight, the work that Senator Grassley is continuing to do is going to be very important to make certain that the FBI is returned. The leadership at the FBI is returned to being a non-political agency.”

    She added, “You know, people really fear this having two tiers of justice, two separate systems, rules for thee but not for me, that approach. And it is unnerving to Tennesseans, and we hear about this every single day. And how people want justice to be blind, to be equal, to be fair. And they’re frustrated with what hay see happening from the DOJ and the FBI.”

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