Biden Considered a National Enemy as 75 Million People Are Pushed to the Side

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    President Joe Biden is a president that loves to make promises and then break them. He promised to unite the country while he was campaigning for the presidency. But when the time came to bring people together, he pushed the conservative side into the ditch and moved forward without even considering the thoughts of one Republican politician.

    Former President Donald Trump has since moved from the White House and into a position where he calls out the Democrats and their president when they deliberately move against the American people. The communist raid on Trump’s home is just the tip of the iceberg being revealed as Trump brings to light the truth behind the Democratic Party.

    At Trump’s most recent rally, he promoted the idea that Biden is not unifying the country. Instead, he is dividing the country. Blaze Media reported that Trump implied that “Biden in his speech suggested that ‘MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic’ and that the Republican Party, insofar as it is influenced by Trump, ‘is a threat to this country.’ These remarks buttressed his August claim that MAGA philosophy is ‘like semi-fascism.’”

    Biden sees the conservative base in America as a threat to democracy. But the type of democracy held in view is not the same as the constitutional-based government in force. The type of rule mentioned by Biden is one where he makes all the rules, and everyone else is forced to behave or face some form of punishment.

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    Biden thinks people should vote as they are told and not as they choose. The thought that people who voted for Trump are evil takes away the concept of the right to vote. And anyone that votes for a Republican is to be treated as a terrorist.

    Blaze Media also reported that Trump pointed out “Vilifying 75 million citizens — plus another probably 75 to 150 [million], if we want to be accurate about it — as threats to democracy and as enemies of the state. You’re all enemies of the state. [Biden’s] an enemy of the state, if you want to know the truth. The enemy of the state is him and the group that control him.”

    President Biden’s last speech was nothing more than an attack on conservatives. He gets around playing nice by redefining his terms and making people think he is somehow making life better with a high inflation rate and Democratic devised issues.

    Trump wants people to think that the midterm elections are more than just nullifying Biden in office. It provides the opportunity for the people to make changes to their government and put an end to the evil that is plaguing the country.

    President Donald J. Trump rips on Biden’s speech in PA. “…he’s an ‘enemy of the state’ if you want to know the truth.” for the full rally join us on Rumble:

    — RSBN (@RSBNetwork) September 3, 2022

    The liberal left has been promoting the idea that Republicans are the bad guys and Democrats are the good guys. Biden and his regime need people to think that a different America is at stake, and the Republicans are trying to undermine the changes. But the Democrats are trying to destroy the country and turn it into a socialist government.

    Joe Biden has never tried to unify the country. He lied when he tried to mention that he would work with every person. What he meant by unifying the country was working with those that think the same way he thinks, and everyone else needs to be punished and put under intense scrutiny.

    The liberals have taken it upon themselves to attack Trump and his 75 million supporters with no mercy. They have no problem calling them names and making up fake reports to try and smear their names. Donald Trump was wise enough to remind the liberals of their words and use them against them.

    He mentioned that Nancy Pelosi had once called the Republicans the enemy. And now, she pointed out the Democrats are the true enemy, and it is up to the people to remove blue cancer from the government and put in place true Americans that seek to uphold and live by the Constitution that the Founding Fathers based America on years ago.

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