Biden Sent Ukraine How Many Millions?


    It seems like every two weeks or so another story comes out about President Biden sending money to Ukraine.

    With U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin’s more recent announcement on September 8th of $675 million going to Ukraine, he urged allies to kick in their share to ensure Ukraine can stay in the fight for as long as needed. Speaking before the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, which was attended by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and Ukraine’s defense minister as well as officials from allied countries, he sounded much like a televangelist.

    Reminding people that “the war is at another key moment,” and that “now we’re seeing the demonstrable success of our common efforts on the battlefield.” He then took an opportunity to remind the group that “the face of the war is changing and so is the mission of this contact group.

    “We will work together to train Ukraine’s forces for the long haul. We will work together to help integrate Ukraine’s capabilities and bolster its joint operations for the long haul. We will work together to upgrade our defense industrial basis to meet Ukraine’s requirements for the long haul, and we will work together for production and innovation to meet Ukraine’s self-defense needs for the long haul. We must evolve as the fight evolves.”

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    This is the kind of message that should have been accompanied by a slamming of his fist on the podium as baskets for pledge slips were passed down the aisles. For anyone who has ever heard Austin speak while he was a General knows his rhythm and timing of delivery in his message is impeccable. It’s unique and has a strong ability to pull you in and get you to pay attention.

    However, since going to work for President Biden that uniqueness is gone. It has been replaced with the soulless sound of a man who is defeated and only doing what he is told so he can leave with his head held high. Given the problem he gave the Army just before he retired, and his problems since becoming Sec Def have been tremendous. It’s almost as if he is following along with battle plans drawn up by President Biden; it just doesn’t make sense.

    As this never-ending money pit continues to dig deeper into the pocket of the American taxpayer and chipping away at the military stockpiles, it begs the question of repayment. When and how will Ukraine pay back the US? Are they going to give us tons of their grain at no charge? Maybe send us natural gas at no cost? If there is no repayment plan, then it’s just another American taxpayer donation, just like Iraq and Afghanistan became, just without the American lives lost.

    One of the other questions that no mainstream outlet is touching on is the involvement of Hunter Biden with previous grain deals between Ukraine and China and other lines of business, including natural gas. If his son had or has business interests in the country, it would certainly make sense why daddy keeps sending them money and arms. It’s also completely dishonest and sends the wrong message to the American people.

    As it stands at this moment, the message that President Biden and Sec Def Austin as well as numerous other political figures are sending the world is that Ukraine is on a blank check. That they will be supported as long as the Russians pose a threat. Given the past attempts by Russia to attack Ukraine, this is a conflict that will last a long time and one that will likely be revived again in the future. Hopefully, we can at least continue not having boots on the ground.

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