Florida Man Dies in Fiery Tesla Crash


    ABC 7 reports that the driver of a Tesla was killed early on Saturday when his car burst into flames following a collision with a tree along the I-75, according to Florida Highway Patrol. Investigators stated that a man was driving a Tesla southbound when he lost control of his car.

    The car veered onto the highway shoulder and into a ditch where it hit a tree and caught fire. The driver was unable to exit the vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene. The man has yet to be identified.

    Breitbart News has reported extensively on many Tesla vehicles catching fire after a crash. In September, Breitbart News reported that another Tesla caused major issues after catching fire with firefighters in Stamford, Connecticut, struggling to put out the blaze. Breitbart News previously reported that fire departments have begun recognizing that electric vehicle fires pose a significant danger and need further training to handle them appropriately.

    Tesla car fire Canada ( Sons of Vancouver Distillery/YouTube)

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    First responders in Oklahoma recently underwent special training to handle electric vehicle (EV) crashes and fires following a growing number of incidents throughout the U.S. One training coordinate explained why special EV training is required, explaining: “They burn significantly hotter so they can throw a 2,000-degree flame out like a torch.”

    The Tesla that caught fire in Connecticut took three times the normal effort to extinguish, according to the Stamford Fire Department. The car’s batteries had also fallen out of the vehicle onto the ground giving firefighters better access, yet still required 600 gallons of water a minute to extinguish, totaling more than 25,000 gallons of water to quell the blaze.

    Read more at ABC 7 here.

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