Really? More Than 500,000 Voters in Pennsylvania Identified as “Ghost” Voters


    Bobby Piton is a highly intelligent mathematician who has been taking a closer look at the voting results in various states. Some may remember the name from the Arizona voting discussions. He testified at their voting fraud hearings and decided to provide another major bombshell over the weekend. This time, Pennsylvania is squarely in his crosshairs.

    The work that he has done when it comes to crunching the data here is tremendous. He has the skill and wherewithal to handle the tough data and provide us with a layman’s explanation. Piton says that he has incontrovertible evidence that proves his hypothesis as well. He is even willing to stake his own life on the testimony in question.

    So why are people still behaving as if he is not telling the truth? For some people, the lie is easier to get on board with. When Piton took the time to look through the Pennsylvania records, he came to a stunning realization. There were over 500,000 unique last names to choose from. In other words, these people have no families to speak of and they are almost certainly phantom voters.

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    These are the revelations that Trump has been fighting for. He wants the general public to know that he has tried his best but it was not a fair fight. Even one of the most beloved presidents in the nation’s history has no chance when he is facing a coordinated attack like this one. Trump spent months trying to warn people of these attacks but to no avail.

    “The Honorable @POTUS @realDonaldTrump I have some absolutely Stunning News to report regarding PA. I examined just over 9,008,753 records and have identified 521,879 unique Last Names. 245,033 or just under 47% of the total Last Names in PA only belong to 1 and only 1 person!” Piton tweeted.

    His thread is full of revelations that are sure to make people stop and think. “Once again, no brothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, parents that share this particular last name out of 9 Million records. Upon looking at the TOP 1000 Last Names in PA, I have discovered that PA has 695,430 Fewer People in the top 1000 Last Names.

    Literally, there are 14,777 fewer Smiths, than should be there. 19,591 Williams have gone missing, 30,830 Johnson’s are nowhere to be found. 11,656 Jackson went MIA. What in the world is going on in PA. Exactly 500 of the top 1000 names in PA have a deficit in the number of people that should be there,” Piton concludes.

    How can anyone be okay with what they are seeing? The illegal ballots in Pennsylvania have been tracked down by Piton and people seem willing to neglect the facts. When election night was drawing to a close, Trump had a lead of almost 700,000. All it took was a few days for that deficit to magically vanish for good.

    “The Tally for these 500 Negative Names (below Nationwide Estimate) is 958,044. This is astounding 695,000 to 958,000 just got up and vanished out of PA. President Trump, I have a breakdown by the Last Name of all of the people that have been gone missing,” says Piton. His findings point to one simple direction.

    There was one centralized actor who was meddling in the election and calling all of the shots. This is the actor that was able to turn the states around that Biden needed most. Without all of this added chicanery, it is tough to see a desirable outcome for him. Sleepy Joe did not seem all that popular during the lead up to the election, that is for sure.

    Anyone who thinks that he was able to magically overcome these massive deficits needs to have their head examined. The most blah, middle of the road candidate possible inspired people to cast their votes at an unforeseen level, and voters on the left side of the aisle are willing to go along with the illusion. As for us, we cannot wait until Piton’s findings are investigated by the proper authorities.

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