Pope Slams Putin and the Threats of Nuclear War


    President Vladimir Putin continues to push and kill his way through Ukraine. He has forced people back into service that once served in the Russian military because he needed the extra troops. And he even repeated his threat of using nuclear devices to force the surrender of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the leader of the Ukrainian people.

    People are sick and tired of the war and watching the death toll rise. All efforts to get Putin to back off have failed. But that did not stop Pope Francis from speaking out against the war and appealed to Putin to stop killing people and give up his efforts to expand his territory.

    The war has reached a seven-month mark and shows no signs of slowing down. Putin’s menacing march through the and has left nothing but death and sorrow for a people that did not ask to be attacked. And the Pope wants it to come to an end.

    The Associated Press reported that Pope Francis said, “I deplore strongly the grave situation created in the last days, with further actions contrary to the principles of international law. It, in fact, increases the risk of a nuclear escalation, to the point of fearing uncontrollable and catastrophic consequences on the world level.”

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    The religious leader dived into political law and mentioned that Putin’s actions violated international laws. But that does not seem to bother Putin because he does not care about the people he has sent to war and is killing in the country he has no business trying to take over.

    The Associated Press also reported the Pope saying, “Rivers of blood and tears spilled these months torment me. I am pained by the thousands of victims, in particular among the children, and by so much destruction that leaves many persons and families homeless and threatens vast territories with cold and hunger.”

    All the Pope did was say words describing how every other human being felt about the war. Words will not mean much to a man who has come to believe that he is unstoppable and bred to rule.

    The mainstream media refuses to tell the truth about the reasons behind the war. They tell what Putin wants people to hear about how the Ukrainian people were aggressive and how they were trying to establish Nazi rule all over Asia.

    But the truth is that the Ukrainian people got up one morning and realized they were under attack by the Russian military. Putin has long sought to control the Ukrainian people because their country is rich with resources. His lust for their land has caused him to believe that he can take whatever he wants at the expense of life.

    The Associated Press also reported that the Pope had mentioned that people were learning where certain cities were located because of the war. The reports of pain and suffering prompted and demanded people’s attention, so they were forced to learn of these locations.

    The Pope’s call for the war to end expresses what the world hopes for. But his words will fall on deaf ears because Putin is power-hungry and will not stop until he gets what he wants. Putin is a man that wants to control Asia and put all of the west under his tyrannical boot of control.

    The sad part is that the rest of the world is heavily influenced by liberalism. The Ukrainian people are all that stand in his way of total domination and control. And that has led to a failure to support the people who keep Putin and his Russian military from attacking other innocent people.

    President Joe Biden refuses to get involved in the war beyond the sanctions he supports. He does not have the strength an American president should have to keep wars from breaking out worldwide.

    Words are not going to stop a man’s lust for power. The force that he is exerting on the Ukrainian people will have to be met with a more potent force for the war to end.

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