Donald Trump’s PAC Puts Nearly $5M Behind Five Republican Candidates in Senate Battlegrounds


    The investment is notable because the massive blitz will likely make a difference in many of the tight races, an impact Democrats likely dread.

    MAGA Inc., Trump’s PAC, will invest a total of $4,905,000 in the key senate swing states throughout Georgia, Arizona, Ohio, Nevada, and Pennsylvania.

    A source close to the PAC told Breitbart News the ads will air until the ad buy is exhausted. If additional funds are necessary, outstanding funds “will be used if needed.”

    Maga Inc. Executive Director Taylor Budowich told Breitbart News that Trump is working very hard to help Republicans secure victory come November, while President Joe Biden has put in less work than his predecessors.

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    “President Trump has held countless rallies and raised record-breaking numbers for candidates all across the country during this cycle, while maintaining a near-perfect endorsement record. MAGA Inc. was established to ensure his vision succeeds in 2022 and beyond,” Budowich said.

    1) Georgia – $954K ad buy: Herschel Walker v. Sen. Raphael Warnock (D)

    The ad highlights Warnock’s record of voting with President Joe Biden 96 percent of the time.

    MAGA Inc.

    2) Arizona – $1.16M ad buy: Blake Masters v. Sen. Kelly Masters (D)

    The ad exposes Kelly for his open borders immigration record, along with his vote to fund 87,000 new IRS agents.

    MAGA Inc.

    3) Ohio – $1.45M ad buy: J.D. Vance v. Rep. Tim Ryan (D)

    The ad slams Ryan for voting with “the liberal party 100 percent of the time” for tax hikes, open borders, and “sky high inflation.”

    4) Nevada – $512K ad buy: Adam Laxalt v. Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto (D)

    The ad highlights Cortez Masto’s voting record for “reckless spending” that fueled inflation to a 40-year high.

    MAGA Inc.

    5) Pennsylvania – $829K ad buy: Dr. Mehmet Oz vs. John Fetterman

    The ad features Fetterman’s lone vote to release a violent criminal from jail. “Fetterman wants to release killers, muggers, rapists back on our streets,” the ad said.

    Republicans are expected to retake the House, but the Senate is a toss-up. Democrats must either reclaim North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, or prevent Republicans from winning any of five currently-held Democrat seats: Georgia, New Hampshire, Nevada, Arizona, or Washington State.

    Recent polling shows Republicans tied or winning in Nevada, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Ohio, Florida, and Georgia. In New Hampshire, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, Democrats appear to have a slight edge.

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