Pathetic Liberalism Loses Ground As Trump Effect Sets In


    Liberalism is cancer sweeping the world and ruining everything good in life. From the classroom to the courtroom, the left’s ideology runs unchecked. That is until former President Donald Trump comes along and creates a sweeping movement that borders or evil dictators cannot contain.

    “Make America Great Again” has changed from a western concept to a global movement. Conservatives worldwide loved what Trump did for America and wanted it for themselves.

    Breitbart News was privileged enough to speak with Trump about his movement’s global effect on people. He told Breitbart News, “The whole thing is a great movement that’s taken place and now it’s happening all over the world. It’s a very simple movement: Give us borders, give us safe streets, we don’t want crime, give us good education, give us dignity and give us respect as a nation. It’s not complicated.”

    The liberals quickly tell unsuspecting people that they want to help improve their lives. But in the end, all they ever do is subject people to the horrors of oppression and mug them of their fundamental human rights.

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    The Trump effect has grown into a worldwide phenomenon that continues to gain traction. Ask anyone living in Brazil, Italy, or Hungary that voted for conservative values if it was worth the effort, and a resounding “yes” will echo throughout the room.

    Liberalism may sound like a beautiful concept. But terrible things begin to happen when things finally play out, and a dictator sits in power and refuses to relinquish authority to the people. Ask a person living in China if they are happy being oppressed and censored every day and the dark side of liberal thought comes to light.

    America is just beginning to see the horrors of liberal control. People are told to vaccinate, or they will lose their jobs. Others are forced to wear masks despite not stopping the virus. And many more are turned into criminals for demanding that their child’s school remove pornographic material from the elementary school library. After all, who do these parents think they can order the liberal school board members around?

    Donald Trump is right when he told Breitbart, “They saw what happened to me, they saw what happened to our country and now they’re comparing it to what’s happening with the Biden administration. We had no inflation. We had the hottest economy ever in the history of the world prior to the virus coming in. Then I built it back up a second time. The stock market was higher than just before the virus coming in.”

    The world saw the greatness of what conservatism can bring to a nation, and they wanted it for themselves. President Joe Biden may think that people are flocking to the southern border because they love him. But the truth is that the people want what Donald Trump has shown is possible living under conservative values.

    The Trump effect was seen when the former president endorsed Jair Bolsonaro, the Brazilian President. Bolsonaro is a conservative that outperformed his competition by over 50 percent in the polls. And it was made possible by the support given to him by Donald Trump.

    The liberals were dumbfounded when the results of the election were posted. They could not believe that people did not want to embrace the nastiness they wanted to share with everyone.

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