Halloween Fright: DEA Seizes 15,000 Rainbow Fentanyl Pills in NYC


    On the 28th of September, at about 7:10 p.m. The task group members — comprised of officers from NYPD’s DEA office as well as the NYPD and NYPD — were watching the woman planning to get into an automobile rental within the Hudson Yards neighborhood. They observed that she was transporting a massive black bag that was wrapped with a souvenir.

    As officers pulled the car over and inspected the vehicle, they discovered the woman sitting in the back seat, with two black bags tote bags as well as a Lego box. The police later found out — after conducting an investigation the contents of the box contained about 15,000 colored pills encased in black tape, and was surrounded by Lego bricks.

    New Jersey resident, Latesha Bush 48, was taken into custody at the scene and accused of criminal possession of controlled substances in the first and third degree. The suspect is believed to have hired the vehicle out of New Jersey to the Garden State prior to being caught.

    The DEA said that initial testing of the pills with multiple colors “indicated the presence of fentanyl” and they believed that the drugs were sourced from Mexico. Drug agencies also stated that these pills had been marked using “M” and “30” to resemble oxycodone Hydrochloride 30 mg pills.

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    “Fentanyl is the most significant threat to our public health and our public safety,” DEA Special Agent Frank Tarentino said Tuesday in connection with his arrest Bush according to The New York Post. “It is poisonous. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare in the days leading up to Halloween.”

    This rainbow bust of fentanyl is coming just as the DEA has been sounding an alarm about Mexican drug cartels that target youngsters with deceitful strategies to lure them into opioids.

    “Using happy colors to make a deadly drug seem fun and harmless is a new low, even for the Mexican cartels,” said New York City special prosecutor for narcotics Bridget G. Brennan. “Fentanyl is already involved in more than 80% of overdose deaths in the city.”

    This week, Breitbart News reported of two Maryland men arrested in Connecticut for allegedly facilitating the trafficking of 15,000 fentanyl rainbow pills concealed in the packaging of Skittles as well as Nerds packaging.

    The DEA recently released its findings from the 3rd stage of its “One Pill Can Kill” campaign. In this phase, they “and its law enforcement partners seized more than 10.2 million fentanyl pills and approximately 980 pounds of fentanyl powder during the period of May 23 through Sept. 8, 2022.”

    In 2021, more than 107,000 Americans passed away in the wake of an overdose of a substance, and 80.000 of them were caused by opioids like Fentanyl.

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