EXPOSED: Biden Spending $265,000 Of Taxpayer’s Money to Combat Hunter Probes


    Biden has reportedly spent more than $300,000 of taxpayer cash to fight the inevitable investigation by Republicans regarding his son Hunter Biden in the event that the GOP assumes control of Congress in the coming months.

    This shocking news comes four weeks ahead of the midterm elections scheduled for Tuesday, November 8th, which could see the Democrats lose control in the House of Representatives.

    If the GOP return to their seat in House during the November elections, Republican lawmakers are expected to launch a number of separate investigations into the Biden Administration, including probes into the source of Covid-19 as well as the abrupt departure of soldiers from Afghanistan in addition to President Biden’s claimed connections to Hunter’s international business transactions.

    The most shocking part that is, Biden has already spent $265,000 of tax dollars to hire at least two individuals to lead a team that is focused solely on tackling possible probes that could be launched against this administration.

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    Richard A. Sauber who is a top attorney in the Department of Veterans Affairs was appointed in May to act as “deputy counsel to the president.”

    Sauber was said to be in charge of monitoring potential House oversight investigations regarding the Biden Administration. Biden Administration and is earning an annual salary of $155,000.

    Ian Sams, who previously worked for Vice-President Kamala Harris during the Presidential campaign 2020, was employed to manage communication for the recently created team.

    Sams is expected to earn $110,000 per year in his new job.

    There are reports that indicate the “staffing” and “operational expenditures” for this team are likely to get bigger – especially in the event that Democrats are unable to control Congress during the midterm elections.

    “Americans deserve transparency from President Biden about his family’s suspicious business dealings,” Rep. James Comer who is reportedly likely to become the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said.

    While Biden has repeatedly denied involvement, President Biden is repeatedly claimed any connection to his son’s international business transactions However, additional facts suggest Biden was aware, and at times directly involved in Hunter’s international business dealings.

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