Exclusive — Monica Crowley: ‘Economic Collapse’ Is ‘All by Design’


    “This is all by design,” Crowley remarked. “We are already in a technical recession, two straight quarters of negative growth.”

    Democrats are manufacturing an economic catastrophe as a pretext for further centralization of power and control in the hands of government and aligned industries, Crowley assessed.

    She said, “They are simply buying time, because they know things are going to get much worse. Again, it’s all intentional, because they need that period of time of really bad economic collapse in order to slam through their socialist agenda.”

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    Crowley cautioned political observers against viewing political elites as ignorant naifs oblivious of the consequences of their own abuses of power.

    “I’m sick and tired of people giving them the benefit of the doubt, like, ‘They said it was going be transitory because they just didn’t know,'” she lamented. “Of course they knew. This is all by design. It’s all going according to plan.”

    She emphasized, “This is about imploding the U.S. economy so that they can rebuild it in this collectivist neo-Marxist vision. That’s all that this is, and every line that they have given to us about the economy — and, frankly, about everything else — has been a straight up lie on purpose.”

    Crowley linked the Biden administration’s facilitation of mass migration across the U.S.-Mexico border to a broader design of collapsing America in accordance with the Cloward-Piven model.

    “With regard to the border, the reason [Joe Biden] is keeping it open is Cloward and Piven,” she held. “This is all about overwhelming America’s systems in order to destroy them, so that you can rebuild them in your own communist image.”

    She concluded, “That includes the open border. It’s about changing America’s demographics and imploding the country.”

    Crowley is the former assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury and hosts an eponymous podcast.

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