Joe Biden Short Circuits on Hot Mic in Florida


    President Joe Biden has been on the campaign trail looking for ways to damage Republicans and boost his Democratic image. But now and then, the old man makes an appearance at a non-rally event. Hurricane Ian got in the way of the president’s plans, and he was forced to travel to Fort Meyers, Florida, and tour several hard-hit areas.

    Biden has a mouth that no one would ever want to see their kids grow up with. The president had the chance to unite the country after a natural disaster. But instead of leading people to believe that no one messes with the United States, he had to say, “No one f**** with a Biden.”

    The president is so full of himself that he believes the hurricane attacked his family. He does not care about the people that lost property and loved ones to the storm. He is more concerned with how it affected him and his schedule. Based on his statement, he is ready to declare war on the environment, thinking that he can control what nature does for the weather.

    Spot on Florida reported that Fort Meyers Beach Mayor Ray Murphy seemed to agree with the man. After Biden slipped up on the mic, the mayor would say, “Yeah, you’re god**** right.” These men think that they have the power to change things and keep a hurricane from ever hitting again.

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    The unprofessional mic slip shows again that the president is not concerned with professionalism. His awful mouthing of the swear word is the second time he has made a mistake. Fox News reported Peter Doocy would be called a “stupid son of a b****” after asking a simple question about inflation.

    The president further hates the hurricane because he is forced to admit that Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has done a remarkable job organizing the recovery effort. Spot on Florida also reported that Biden said, “What the governor has done is pretty remarkable. Today, we have one job and only one job, and that’s to make sure the people in Florida get everything they need to fully, and thoroughly recover. It’s going to take a hell of a long time, hopefully without any snags in the way. Later, after the television cameras have moved on, we’re still going to be here with you.”

    Biden’s big mouth keeps getting him into trouble. He alluded that he would be there for the people trying to put their lives back in order. But he will never set foot in Fort Meyers Beach again. The people will be left to themselves with no federal aid beyond what has been provided.

    Biden’s slip-up at the mic revealed a lot about how the president views himself and others that get in his way. The liberal-controlled news outlets failed to point out that Biden took the time in Florida to push his idea of a green energy deal. He played the fool’s card when he showed up at a disaster zone and pushed a political idea that he believed would give him the power to control the weather.

    Fox News Ben Domenech could not contain himself and revealed the truth behind Biden’s visit and speech. He revealed that Biden had every intention of using people’s pain and misery to promote his green energy idea.

    No one cares about what Biden wants to do while they are trying to pick up the few remaining possessions left untouched by hurricane Ian. They want to know how the federal government will help rebuild entire cities after the storm wiped them from existence.

    The point Domenech was making was that Biden feels threatened by Ron DeSantis because of the superb way he has left the recovery effort. He has to admit that DeSantis has done a great job. The old man was forced to swallow his pride and give credit where credit was due.

    The president’s potty mouth indicates that he feels threatened by DeSantis and others who can accomplish great things. He is jealous and does not know how to handle himself around greatness.

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