Midterms Give US a Chance to Hold Biden’s Accountable


    In spite of an August survey conducted by Rasmussen which found that the majority (62 percent) of people believe that president Joe Biden “personally profited from deals with Chinese government-connected companies,” through his son Hunter and his son Hunter, the White House refuses to address the subject of the Biden business dealings with his family — an issue of intense curiosity from the time that New York Post first released damning documents from the laptop that is now the first sons prior to the 2020 presidential election.

    Refusing to acknowledge the truth about the Biden family’s alleged misconduct is causing it to be running through several of the federal institutions that were set up to monitor the conduct.

    It’s been often stated the federal authorities are armed with “sufficient evidence” to charge Hunter Biden in the investigation against him, but for tax-related crimes and providing false information for purchasing a firearm, based on the use of drugs. These charges are being reported to be delayed by the Department of Justice because the Biden family member was suffering from addiction to drugs at the time of his arrest.

    Doing not bother with the reality that he was marketing influence over American policy-making to other countries that were some of them are direct adversaries, such as China as demonstrated by the documentary evidence on his laptop and that his father, who is now the president seems to have been at least the case of China making money from these sales as demonstrated by evidence from his laptop.

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    The accusations that could be filed are similar to charging someone that broke into a residence and killed the entire family inside by “trespassing.”

    The announcement of charges follows FBI whistleblowers speaking out to expose the efforts at the top department within the agency to suppress and hinder an investigation of Hunter.

    Timothy Thibault Timothy Thibault, who was the former “point man” on the Hunter Biden investigation at the FBI later “voluntarily retired” and hired (pro bono) lawyer counsel. He was exposed by whistleblowers through Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) to have been accused of falsely calling “derogatory” information regarding Hunter as “disinformation,” and “[attempting] to improperly mark [a Hunter Biden] matter in FBI systems so that it could not be opened in the future.”

    A shrewd critic could be able to observe these facts and suggest, “other branches of government, namely, Congress, exist to keep the executive honest.”

    But, in the month of November, House Democrats on the Oversight Committee voted against the Republican resolution that would have asked the Biden administration to hand over documents pertaining to Hunter Biden’s business dealings and scuttled the resolution within two hours of discussion.

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