Data: 73% of Migrants Bused to New York City Are in Homeless Shelters


    Since April, Abbott, along with the city officials in El Paso, Texas, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey (R) have bused more than 19,400 border crossers and illegal aliens to New York City — the Democrat-controlled metropolis that prides itself on being a sanctuary jurisdiction.

    The latest city data published by CNN reveals that more than 14,100 border crossers and illegal aliens bused to New York City remain in homeless shelters, indicating that 73 percent are not leaving the shelters after they arrive.

    Adams, a proponent of the city’s sanctuary policy, is now warning New Yorkers that “the city is going to run out of funding for other priorities” and they may end up footing a $1 billion bill if the inflow of illegal immigration does not stop.

    “This is unsustainable,” Adams said last week while declaring a state of emergency just as Democrat Gov. Kathy Hochul calls on the National Guard to help deal with the inflow.

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    Mayor Eric Adams / Facebook

    The arrival of the world’s poor at New York City’s doorstep has immensely strained its homeless shelter system. Last week, the city’s shelters housed more than 62,500 people — a record high.

    The figure indicates that more than 2-in-10 homeless shelter residents arrived on migrant buses from Texas and Arizona. New York City officials, currently, see no end in sight for the inflow.

    “Our shelter system is now operating near 100 percent capacity,” Adams said. “And if these trends continue, we’ll be over 100,000 in the year to come. That’s far more than the system was ever designed to handle.”

    While rents and housing costs skyrocket for New Yorkers, Adams has started building a tent city for arriving border crossers and illegal aliens on the secluded Randall’s Island. The Democrat mayor is also considering chartering a cruise ship to house border crossers and illegal aliens.

    John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Email him at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter here.

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