Scalise: France Warned Biden Saudi Trip Wouldn’t Work, He Didn’t Have to Create a Big Carbon Footprint Flying to Saudi Arabia


    On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” House Minority Whip Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) pointed out that French President Emmanuel Macron warned President Joe Biden that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates couldn’t really increase oil production before Biden’s trip to Saudi Arabia and Biden could have avoided flying to Saudi Arabia and creating a giant carbon footprint to get embarrassed by the Saudis if he just encouraged domestic production.

    Scalise said, “He doesn’t have to fly to Saudi Arabia, 11,000 miles on Air Force One with all of that carbon footprint, he could just call…and say, will you open up the spigots? Talk to the energy companies in America, say, look I will get out of your way. I’ll stop blocking pipelines. Biden should stop blocking all of the things he’s done on permitting and say, let’s produce more American energy. It’s the cleanest in the world for goodness sake, Maria. And yet, he shuts down American energy and then begs foreign dictators to produce our energy and wonders why prices are so high.”

    He added, “[T]he French President told him before the trip that they weren’t going to increase production, and yet he flew there anyway, humiliating himself, instead of just recognizing American energy’s the cleanest in the world. These guys love beating up on America. Then they try to lie to the American people because people get angry because they’re paying higher energy costs, over 60% higher.”

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